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Mauro Icardi disputes with Lionel Messi and says the Argentine captain and the Barcelona star are "the best players in the world"

Amid reports that his national team career has been suppressed due to problems with the Argentine captain, Icardi insists that the pair are doing well, causing Lionel Messi a long-standing rift.

Rumors of bad blood between the Argentines have been circulating for years when the supposedly responsible relationship between Icardi and Nara began.

The pair started soon after Wanda Icardi's former Sampdoria team-mate Maxi Lopez had left and now has two daughters together.

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Messi's friendship with Lopez is well known, and it has often been speculated that the Barcelona star in the past has been Icardi's national team's anger at the alleged "easy" veto refused. ,

L & # 39; Equipe also claimed this week that Albiceleste's captain had instructed fellow national team members Angel di Maria and Leandro Paredes to dull the newcomer at the Parc des Princes to hold a frosty reception for the team on loan Inter Forward.

But Icardi himself tried to suppress such speculation and insisted that there are no problems between Messi and him.

"I knew [Messi] years ago in Barcelona, ​​I let people talk, these are things we can not avoid," he declared Canal + on Sunday.

"I do not believe in these stories, I could meet him, he's the best player in the world, I really appreciate him."

"Anyone who knows me knows who I really am, and that's all that is important … It's been seven years [that I̵

7;ve been more judged on my personal life than on my game].

"Wanda is famous, so am I. But that does not affect my playing, otherwise I would not have played for Inter and scored 150. We try to live our relationship as much as possible, we're both in love. And we do not choose who we fall in love with, it is so. "[19455912]  Wanda Nara Mauro Icardi Inter 2019 [19659002] Icardi exchanged Milan against the French capital in the summer, after his relationship with Inter collapsed in 2019 due to failed treaty negotiations.

But after six years at San Siro, he faces a new challenge and is pleased with both the PSG believers and his connection to Edinson Cavani, a rival for the first start time.

"I came to my seventh When I was at Inter for another year, my dream was to play Inter in the Champions League, we did not win much, we won nothing, but I stayed, I have Goals scored, "he added.

"And that was the time for me to play in a winning team, joining a team with so many great players is what I wanted." I've just arrived, but if you arrive with an option, try you to show our best game in to be bought. Well, see you next summer.

"I was very moved by the fans, and against Strasbourg, when I started to warm up, I received an incredible welcome, the whole stadium sang for me, it was spectacular, it never happened to me [before] and it got me very touched.

"The competition with Edinson Cavani is healthy. Luckily we both speak Spanish. I would like to play with him, he is a great player. "

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