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Royal news: Queen closes the bar because the staff of Buckingham Palace is too drunk | Royal | news

The unveiling came during a four-part series – Secret Of The Royal Palaces – to be shown on Channel 5 later this month. The first episode revolves around Buckingham Palace and what happens inside the Grand Establishment.

Dick Arbiter, former press spokeswoman for the Queen, said in conversation with the show that there used to be a bar in the palace, which was closed after some employees left for "bad wear."

] And according to the Daily Star, Mr. Arbiter claimed, "They had to get rid of the bar in question."

The show also unveiled a number of other royal revelations, including the upscale Bank Coutts, which Royals favors have installed an ATM at Buckingham Palace.

It is unclear if the queen ever used the machine herself.

The documentary explores all the royal palaces with numerous new details about Windsor Castle, Balmoral and Clarence House on the screens of the spectators.

The program is widely considered well informed, with contributions from royal observers, former press spokesman, corporate designer Nicky Haslam, and former butler of Charles and Camilla, Grant Harrold.

Mr. Arbiter also revealed that the palace has a swimming pool that can be used by royal staff.

The palace also houses a post office for royal staff as well as a doctor's office.

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During the week, the queen goes for a cashless walk a royal insider.

Sunday, however, is an exception that decides a day's majesty to take money.

A source that already became known in 201

5: "She donates to the basket of the church.

"Your butler irons a 5-pound note into a small square by folding it until you can only see her face.

The historian Sally Bedell Smith interviewed th The reigning friends and relatives of the monarch for the biography of 2012 Elizabeth the Queen: The Woman Behind the Throne.

Bedell Smith wrote that the queen has an interesting collection of items in her pocket glasses, fountain pens, lipstick and paper tissues.

There should also be an additional portable hook stowed so that she can hang her bag discreetly under tables.

While the queen may not carry cash with her, she is certainly not fighting for money.

As the reigning monarch, the queen has her own personal wealth and access to the Crown Estate, which is not included in her entire estate.

Forbes estimates that Net Assets are $ 550 million (£ 420 million).

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