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Still no footage of Gavin Watson's deadly crash

Gavin Watson was killed in a car accident near OR Tambo International Airport. Image: Simphiwe Mbokazi / African News Agency (ANA)

Johannesburg – Three weeks after his death, not a single video of the alleged accident, which killed former Bosasa leader Gavin Watson, has surfaced by the authorities.

When his family revealed that they had not yet received a copy of the pathology report, the investigators informed them that Watson was possibly dead when his car was reportedly bumping into the concrete barriers near the OR Tambo International Airport.

Sunday Independent reported earlier this month that Watson's daughter had told the family after returning from the morgue that she suspected a nasty game because a cut on his neck looked like a puncture wound.

General Jabu, Ekurhuleni Mapiyeye subway police chief confirmed on Monday that his office had no video footage of the accident, in which many South Africans had more questions than answers.

"I've sent one of my directors to the South African Road Agency offices to check if they may have video footage of the accident. However, we were told that they did not have one as their cameras point in the opposite direction in which this happened, "said Mapiyeye.

] He added that he could not dispute reports that Watson may have been dead before his car, a Toyota Corolla company, crashed in the early hours of the 26th of August.

"I find it very difficult to comment on these reports because I have no concrete evidence," he said.

The car in which Gavin Watson was killed. Image: AP / African News Agency (ANA)

Sunday World reported weekend that Watson was already dead before the crash, and cited a pathologist report submitted to his family.

Watson's brother Valence said on Monday that the family had not yet received a definitive pathology report and were told that this was an option.

"We did not have a definitive report from the pathologist or toxicology report.

"Everything we've been told verbally," said Valence.

He said the family awaited the reports in the next few weeks.

Another family member who spoke on condition of anonymity said Watson had sent or received a WhatsApp message at 4.27 this morning and died shortly thereafter.

"It's still a mystery how his trip to the airport took less than 30 minutes, about an hour We do not know if he made a detour or was stopped along the way, including who he was talking to about WhatsApp, since his phone was also gone, "the family member said.

Watson's phone was originally returned to a Residential area in Germiston in the East Rand and later in Bryanston north of Johannesburg.

"Anyone who has his phone has a lot to explain, but unfortunately it has been shut down and can not

In pictures taken at the scene of the accident, Watson's body did not appear to have any bruising consistent with such severe impact accidents. There was little blood in the car even though he had blood thinners.

Papa Leshabane, the family spokesman and CEO of Bosasa, told Sunday Independent earlier that the Watsons are not ruling out a bad game.

An Independent Source On Monday Near those investigating the accident, it was alleged that Watson was killed and the site of the accident was staged.

Angelo Agrizzi, former Chief Operating Officer, announced that the company had bribed senior ANC politicians in return for tenders and since 2009 had received various state tenders worth more than R12 billion.

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