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Southern charm: Ashley Jacobs refuses to be a gold digger

There is no doubt that Ashley Jacobs is one of the most talked-about figures in the history of Bravo Southern Charm.

In her one season of the show, the 33-year nurse-whirlwind relationship with star Thomas Ravenel – and her contentious relationship with his ex-girlfriend and mother of his children, Kathryn Dennis – fans left her as anything of a gold digger to an escort.

It's something that tells Jacobs PEOPLE exclusively that she wanted. Laughing "first, but realizing seeing the show back is a product of opening your life up for the cameras."

"This reality TV world is so new to me," she said earlier in a telephone interview Week. "I do not even know any other people, personal friends, who were on reality shows, whom I can contact or who can identify with me. And as you know, I do not really have a relationship with the other actors, other than Thomas, I do not have anyone to talk about. "

" I was not prepared for all the hate, added Jacobs. "I would take a look at it with Thomas and say: 'I did not mean it like that, I look so bad, I did not want to go off like a gold digger, I'm not the gold digger', or 'I'm not asking Thomas, this is not who you are! "

  Ashley Jacobs

Ashley Jacobs

Ashley Jacobs / Instagram

That does not mean they are not responsible for some of the things takes over, which she did. 19659003] "If you understand my personality, you would know that I'm very sarcastic," Jacobs admitted. "I like getting a reaction, I like making people laugh – I think it's funny, I stir it up a bit and I did it more for a reaction, I did not think it would so serious. "

" My biggest problem is defending my character, "she continued. "Because I'm not that person, they say that I am, I felt provoked, and in retrospect, like Kathryn, I wish I'd just said my apology and gone, but I can get heated, and I can get angry

  Ashley Jacobs, Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis

Ashley Jacobs, Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis


Jacobs denied the allegations that an escort, rumors she said, were frustrating to see the scope of the show.

"It's on national television," Jacobs explained. "You know, my family sees it, my friends see it, you know who I am and it could not be more opposite, I worked my ass all my life, I would not have taken care [if I was just with Thomas for his money] I still do not work, I wanted to do that, I'm paying my bills now … People do not see how hard I work, I wish they could follow me into my job every day. "

" I always was I've always believed that self-employment gives you self-confidence, self-esteem, and I think every woman should have their own career and have something to fall back on, "she said. "If I was married to a rich man and did not have to work, I would still want something that I can fall back on, which I've always believed."

She tried to reunite Season 5 on Thursday to turn. But Ravenel was not here to defend her, the former politician currently under investigation by the South Carolina Police for allegedly sexually assaulting his children's nanny (Ravenel has rejected the allegations).

Asked if it was hard not to have Ravenel, 55, Jacobs said "absolutely."

"There are things he could explain that they would have a better understanding than I try to explain," she said. "Like," She's not a quitter, she does the work, I'm the one who makes marriage more than she does. "I need them from him. If I said it out of my mouth, they would be :, Yeah, Right ."

"He was also frustrated "Jacobs said about the lies that were spread about her. He says, "That's not it. That's not fair. How does she come to stand up, say that, and I can not tell my truth? "

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Ultimately, Jacobs said she felt that she and Ravenel's relationship were" misinterpreted " but that they are now "stronger" than ever before.

However, they do not regret it.

"It was a learning experience, and I & # 39; I learned a lot about myself, "Jacobs said," and you know, I would do it again. I would. I would do it again because I am stronger today than a year ago. And it's definitely an experience that in 20, 30, 40 years I can look back and laugh and say, "Yes, I did that."

"I learned a lot about myself and I have to represent myself better," she concluded. "There are times when I'm like this", do not calm down, Ash, relax. Do not be too hard. Take a deep breath. Do not be so angry. Do not act on this feeling – feel it, do not act on it. "But I'm a good person."

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