Now that Southwest Airlines is flying to Hawaii, here are 10 attractions you will not want to miss.
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Southwest Airlines' Hawaii service debuted on Sunday, finally giving the largest domestic airline in the US an imprint on the holiday hotspot.

Southwest Flight 6808, a nonstop 5 1/2 hour flight from Oakland, California, to Honolulu, landed at 2:00 pm local time. It was picked up by Governor of Hawaii, David Ige, and Southwest Airlines President Tom Nealon.

The passengers of the inaugural flight were invited to the Leissen and Hula Dancing during the flight and were the first to try the expanded snack pack -frills airline Hawaii. In addition to the airline's standard bag of pretzels, passengers received Wheat Thins, Welch's fruit snacks, tic tacs and a white cheddar cheese spread. New drinks include Longboard Island Lager by Kona Brewing Company, Minute Maid Pineapple Juice and Blue Chair Bay rum with coconut spice.

Southwest has said that Hawaii has been included in the route map for years for the Federal Aviation Administration certification for long overwater flights on the Boeing 737. A number of competitors, including United, Alaska, Delta, American and Hawaiian Airlines, have had long flights to the destination for the bucket list.

The FAA's approval from the southwest came in late February and the airline began selling tickets to Hawaii on 4 March at fares of up to $ 49 each way. The cheapest seats were sold out within hours, and some flights were completely sold out.

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The Airline starts small and starts daily with a flight between Oakland and Honolulu.

Southwest will make a second daily flight between Oakland and Honolulu on March 24th. [19659005] Related Topics: Why can not Midwest and East Coast travelers find Southwest Airlines return flights from Hawaii?

In April, the airline will add daily flights between Oakland and Maui and begin flights between the islands.

In May, the airline will launch flights between San Jose and Honolulu and Maui.

These are the start dates for these routes:

  • Oakland-Maui: April 7
  • Oakland-Kona May 12
  • San Jose-Honolulu: May 5
  • San Jose-Kona: 12 May
  • San Jose-Maui: May 26

The Southwest plans to fly nonstop from San Diego and Sacramento to Hawaii and also serve the island of Kauai, but it was not announced when these flights will begin.

Travelers will contact the airline daily with questions about when these routes begin and when tickets are sold.

The Southwest boss Gary Kelly has repeatedly referred to Hawaii as a great opportunity for the airline, especially considering his strong strength presence in California.

The airline's first Hawaiian flights are on the Boeing 737-800, but Southwest has long announced that it will use the newer, fuel-efficient Boeing 737 Max 8 on flights to Hawaii.

But that's the plane was founded by the FAA last week after two deadly crashes in less than five months.

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Grounding will not affect Southwest Hawaii's plans in the near future as the airline has not even allowed the plane for long overwater flights. Spokesman Brian Parrish said last week that Southwest does not have a timetable to look for ETOPS certification for the Max 8. ETOPS stands for the extended-range two-engine performance standards.

ETOPs certification, a lengthy process that includes new AFMs and procedures, training and drills, and FAA functional flight test flights is required for twin-engine aircraft on routes where alternative airports are not in close proximity in the event of flight problems should.

The primer had effects on some Hawaii flights at competitor United Airlines. The airline uses the Boeing 737 Max 9 on some flights between Los Angeles and Hawaii.

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