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Southwest Airlines says Boeing's 737 Max Primers affect sales

The airline warned investors on Wednesday that they had canceled 9,400 flights due to the weather and the dispute with the mechanics, in addition to the Boeing aircraft of the 737 Max aircraft.

Southwest said that the number of seats it will sell this quarter will be much lower than expected, with fewer planes flying. It said 2,800 of the cancellations were due to Boeing ( BA ) 737 Max Reason.

The airline also announced that the number of flights has decreased by April 20 in anticipation of a continued grounding of its 737 Max aircraft.

Southwest also said it would lose a total of 2,800 flights during the quarter due to "unscheduled maintenance disruptions due to contract negotiations" with its mechanics union. The union has denied the airline's claim that members drop out of sick leave or order extra work to put pressure on management during job interviews.
The company said it also lost 3,400 flights because the weather was worse than expected. It had previously said that the passenger bookings had been spent for 60 million US dollars due to the closure of the government.

The recent problems with the 737 Max Primer, maintenance issues and the weather would cost an additional $ 1

50 million during the quarter ended on Sunday.

Southwest's ( LUV [19459007)]) stock was trading more than 1% lower before trading.
Southwest has more of the 737 Max aircraft than any other US airline. American and United Airlines ( UAL ) also have the aircraft in their fleets. On Sunday American Airlines ( AAL ) the largest airline in the world, announced that it will cancel flights until April 24.
The planes were landed on March 13 after two planes died in just over five months. Although Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration have said that they are working on a software fix for the automatic safety feature that is the focus of the crash investigation, the global grounding of the jets is indefinitely designed.

Southwest does not fly anything except 737 jets, of which 34 are max jets. There has been no plan to cancel or change its 737 Max orders with Boeing.

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