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Southwestern pilots seek compensation for the Boeing 737 Max impact

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will be deployed on the runway at the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville, California, on March 28, 2019.

Mark Ralston | AFP | Getty Images

PARIS – The Southwest Airlines pilots union will claim compensation from Boeing for covering the legal costs and loss of revenue of the pilots due to the 737 Max Foundation for the Southwest Airline Pilots Association, which is part of the Justice Department's investigation Had to request records, the jet has charged attorney fees. Pilots have also lost wages in the past three months since the Federal Aviation Administration and other regulators said Max can not fly.

The Pilots Union says they will charge Boeing compensation and reimbursement for every legally available dollar when Max's problems are resolved. "The union has not said exactly how much the grounding of Max cost the pilots." "A person familiar with the matter estimates that Southwest pilots lose $ 8.5 million a month if they do not flying with the Max.

Southwest was the launch carrier for the 737 Max and has 34 of them in its fleet, the largest airline in the world, which has recently postponed the date for the resumption of Max flights to September 2nd. While this date was set by the airline's management, the airline's aviation union states that "there is no precise estimate of when Max will return to service."

At the Paris Air Show this week, Dennis Muilenburg stated CEO of Boeing, told CNBC that he will not name a date for the return of Max, mainly because it is unclear how long the regulators will need to to re-certify the aircraft. "We'll get it back in the air, if it's safe, that's the most important thing," said Muilenburg.

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