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Spacewatch: India Prepares for Chandrayaan 2 Moon Mission | science

I ndia is finally preparing for the launch of the Chandrayaan 2-Moon Mission this Sunday. The spaceship will take two months to fly to the moon. Upon his arrival, he maneuvers into a circular orbit just 100 km above the lunar surface. It will then use the Vikram Lander at the beginning of September.

This will be India's first attempt on a gentle landing on the moon. If this succeeds, the country will be the fourth country to do so, after Russia, the US and China.

The chosen landing site is located near the Moon South Pole, where water ice has been found in some permanently shaded craters. Once the Vikram Lander is safe, he will release a small, six-wheeled rover called Pragyan.

The three components of the mission are equipped with a complete collection of scientific instruments. Among other things, they will study the mineral and chemical composition of the Moon as well as its topology and seismology.

India's first moon mission, Chandrayaan 1

, started in October 2008 and was successful for almost a year. As part of the mission, an impact probe hit the south pole of the moon in a controlled manner.

Chandrayaan 2 is launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Center on the southeast coast of India.

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