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SpaceX approaches the first launch of the Starhopper – BGR

Having made big waves earlier this month with the successful launch, docking and return flight of his Crew Dragon spacecraft, SpaceX was relatively calm for the remainder of March. At least in public, that is, because behind the scenes insights into the work of the first launchable prototype of the SpaceX Starship, called Starhopper, close to an upcoming big day.

As Teslarati reports, SpaceX has been feverishly working on the systems that will allow Starhopper to leap into the air. The spaceship – a small version of the larger spaceship SpaceX says astronauts will someday get to other planets – may not yet have an official launch date, but everyone expects it to soon blow up. 19659003] Like any early test flight, the launch of Starhopper SpaceX will help resolve any issues that may be associated with the hardware of the spacecraft design and launch system. His "hop tests" do not send the vehicle completely into space, but are a big step on the road to a later test launch of the Starship hardware.

Locals who checked the SpaceX launch device, where Starhopper from the SpaceX Crew has recently discovered a number of activities, including a seemingly early pre-combustor test: [1


Starhopper The way to the first test flight was not always smooth. The vehicle suffered a considerable amount of damage in January, when the spacecraft was actually released from its blocks by strong winds and fell on its side. At this point, SpaceX boss Elon Musk suggested it would take "a few weeks" to fix the damage.

Of course, this timeline should be separated from the other preparations that SpaceX engineers must complete before Starhopper gets the green light to jump. Nevertheless, the spacecraft's first sky-travel is probably not far away.

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