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SpaceX has again failed to capture a Falcon 9 missile disguise when dropped from space (PHOTO)

  SpaceX near смогла осуществить захват обтекателя ракеты Falcon 9 при падении из космоса (ООТО)

Experts of the company SpaceX are not able to capture a disguise that was dropped at the beginning of the Falcon 9 launcher. [19659003] SpaceX officials believed that part of the Falcon 9 rocket was supposed to help a special ship named Steven, according to Steven Spacecraft.

  SpaceX has specialized in a number of Falcon 9 rockets из космоса (ФОТО)

Fairing missiles ̵

1; a rather valuable part of them, whose diameter is several meters. For launchers, it protects the payload from airflow and overheating. The cost of cladding Falcon 9 rockets is estimated at $ 6 million or 10% of the rocket's total cost. To catch the disguise, the network on the ship Mr. Steven has increased four times. But it did not help.

The weather in the area of ​​the ship was too hard: the wind was so strong that he blew the parachute to the disguise and he fell back into the water. The crew of the ship saw is lowered into the water panel, but could not catch him in the ship network.

"The weather in the Pacific is bad, these conditions are the worst when trying to land the first tier on an automated platform," he told reporter portal Space.com, the representative of Ilona Mask.

The launch itself was successful, the Falcon 9 delivered the rocket into orbit 10 communications satellites Iridium constellation. It confirmed its status as a stable media. Despite the "challenging weather conditions", the first stage successfully made a smooth landing on a barge. Just read the instructions. Even earlier, on February 28, SpaceX could not catch half of the headliner of the rocket in a large lattice on a special ship.

It was found that the disguise did not fall into the net and a few hundred meters from the barge under the name "Mr. Stephen", "Mr. Stephen" there was a large taut net that was to land half of the disguise.

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