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SpaceX launches 10 percent of its workforce to fund projects

A SpaceX statement provided to the media announces that it is taking steps to become a leaner company, as costly efforts similar to these two have bankrupted other organizations in the past :

To develop interplanetary spacecraft and a global, space-based Internet, SpaceX must become a leaner company. Each of these developments, even when attempted separately, has driven other organizations to ruin. This means we must part with some talented and hard-working members of our company. We are grateful for everything they have achieved and for their commitment to the SpaceX mission. This action is taken only because of the extremely difficult challenges that would otherwise not be required.

According to Ars An industry source suggested that this could also be a way for SpaceX chief Elon Musk to dismiss some of the company's underperforming employees. Seeking Alpha from the end of 201

8 indicates that SpaceX may not be as profitable as it looked, even though Falcon 9 had arrived so much at its customers that rivals had to lower their demand prices, whichever The motivation of the company may be that the redundancies could provide the necessary additional funds in the next few years, as Starship and Starlink will need a while to earn money.

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