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SpaceX trumpets make progress on commercial parachute tests for the crew

WASHINGTON – SpaceX announced on November 3 that it has now completed 13 consecutive successful tests of a new parachute design for its Crew Dragon spacecraft after initial problems have been resolved.

In a tweet, SpaceX released the latest video review of "Mark 3" displays, developed in collaboration with Airborne Systems. The latest test "demonstrated the ability of the parachute system to land safely in the unlikely event that one of the four main parachutes fails."

A SpaceX spokesman said on November 3 that the test will be in the video on 31st. October took place. It was the first time that the company tested three Mark-3 parachutes simultaneously, with the previous 12 tests each involving a single parachute.

SpaceX announced last month to work on the new Mark-3 parachute design, which aims to provide higher profit margins than the earlier Mark 2 design. "We believe the Mark 2 parachutes are safe, but the Mark 3 parachutes may be ten times safer," said Elon Musk, Founder and Founder of SpaceX, at an event on October 10 in Hawthorne, California, home of NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. "I think the Mark 3 parachutes are, in my opinion, the best parachutes ever."

However, the tests on these new parachutes did not turn up well, SpaceX admitted. The company said the final test was 15th for the Mark-3 parachutes. The first two tests, involving a single parachute, were unsuccessful.

The first two tests, according to a company spokesman, were strains much higher than those the parachute would see in normal operation. "As a result, these two development tests have resulted in bugs fixed with design reinforcements that have proven robust in subsequent tests."

SpaceX said it was collaborating with Airborne Systems and "quickly repeating" the Mark 3 parachute design

These tests appear to be those referred to by Kathy Lueders, program manager of the NASA trading team, in comments at a session on the October 30, 2006, referred to the Human Exploration and Operations Committee of the NASA Advisory Council. "We did different slide tests. The SpaceX folks did 12 skid attempts a week to perfect the Mark-3 design. "She said in a short discussion about the parachute work.

that, "she added. "We will strive to understand the final test results when we enter the December timeframe." Job. "Parachutes had the highest priority," said Bridenstine during his visit to SpaceX on October 10. "Elon told me and he showed me that their priority is there, they use as much resources and personnel as possible to get these parachutes ready."

There were industry rumors that at least one recent SpaceX crash test failed, confirming the company's unsuccessful first two Mark-3 tests, Neither SpaceX nor NASA would comment on the status of the parachute tests last month after they confirmed that parachute testing with Mark 3 parachutes will be carried out by the end of the year, but no target will be announced in terms of the number of scheduled tests.

"We must now achieve a consistent, repeatable performance with the Mark 3," said Bridenstine at SpaceX At the end of the year, we were able to see 10 drop tests. "It was not clear whether these 10 tests would affect the entire system, the four parachute e used, or testing a smaller number of parachutes than in the recent series of tests. He said further testing may be required if the performance of the Mark 3 parachutes differs significantly from the earlier Mark 2 design.

"We will only make full use of the Mark 3 parachutes," Musk said at the event with Bridenstine. "People think parachutes look easy, but they're definitely not easy."

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