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Spring Forecast 2019: 10 players from the state of Ohio are faced with the possibilities of making or pausing to earn playtime

While all players will be competing for the season when the state of Ohio starts spring training on March 4, there are a few players who need to have big pens to improve their chances of earning Buckeyes time.

This is especially true of the upper class, which for some reason did not have much time for the Buckeyes. Some of them have already been outscored by younger players, and all have younger players who crunch at their heels. However, if they have a significant impact on their careers in Ohio, they run out of time.

Of all players in the Ohio State roster, the following 10 buckeyes are among those who were most on the line this spring. All of them are either juniors or seniors, and if they do not get the depth map this spring, they may not have another chance.

Some of these players may be candidates to explore their options and seek a transfer if they do not climb the deep graphics this spring ̵

1; like Joe Burrow, Antonio Williams and Matthew Burrell after making last year's make-or-break But they hope to follow in the footsteps of Luke Farrell, who made a big jump from the make-or-break list to the end of the Buckeyes last fall.

Demario McCall, RB / H-Back

McCall has been hyped in the last two years as a potential threat to Ohio State's offenses, but he has only materialized since he only had eight broadcasts and nine receptions in last season. He moves back and forth between the positions of the back and the H-back and offers the possibility of being a differentiator both as a runner and as a receiver, but he has not yet earned a regular playing time.

Now that he enters his Redshirt junior season, McCall has to find his way onto the field if he is ever to live up to the hype.

With the departures of Mike Weber and Parris Campbell to the NFL, the door for McCall is open to either run back the No. 2 or be the No. 2 H-back in the Buckeyes offense. He has spent most of his time with running backs from last season so he has J.K. Dobbin's top backup – or developing into a situational relapse – looks like his most likely path to the field, but it's still uncertain how the coaches will use him.

C.J. Saunders, WR

While Ohio's younger wide receivers will receive another blow to the Buckeyes rotation next year – with K.J. Hill, Austin Mack and Binjimen Victor are all entering their senior season – Saunders is the only recipient as a Senior who will fight for his only chance this spring to earn a spot in the rotation.

While Saunders was not expected to be a regular season for Ohio State when he joined the team in 2016 as a walk-in cornerback, he has topped the time at Wide Receiver for each of the last two seasons to earn a scholarship in 2018. Now that Campbell, Terry McLaurin and Johnnie Dixon have disappeared from the program, Saunders will get his shot to secure a place in the six-man rotation.

To the slot receiver No. 2 in the depth graphics behind K.J. Hill, he has to fend off Redshirt rookie Jaelen Gill (and possibly McCall, whichever position he plays). Gill is an explosive athlete who arrived in Columbus as a highly acclaimed recruit. So it would be no surprise if he conquered a place in the rotation. However, Saunders has the advantage that he has completed a total of 281 snaps in the last two seasons. That could give Saunders the first shot to earn that point in the rotation, but he has to perform well this spring to prove he should keep it.

Jake Hausmann, TE

With Farrell, Rashod Berry and Jeremy Ruckert on the depth chart, the chance for Hausmann, who was on the list of make-or-break teams last year, is in the position Achieving a Significant Profit The role of the state of Ohio State could have already happened to him. With Farrell and Ruckert still in the band over the next two years, Hausmann seems to be experiencing an upturn, with clear snapshots at the narrow end.
However, he is still in the state of Ohio, and when he arrived in Columbus in 2016, he was actually a more promising perspective than Farrell or Berry. The four-star recruit from Cincinnati has just 20 career snaps for the Buckeyes on the tight end, but this spring could give him another opportunity to show he belongs to the field.

If he can not bring the depth chart up this spring, the Redshirt junior may need to consider whether he wants to see a sizeable season before the end of his college football career.

Joshua Alabi, OT

Another player who repeatedly finds himself on the make-or-break list will fight Alabi for an open starting position in the attacking duel for the second spring in a row – this time truly his last Chance as the rebuilt defensive duel goes into its fifth year season.

Last spring, Alabi was beaten by Thayer Munford for the starting shot in the left tackle. In the end, he still played 254 snaps on the line, including all the Rose Bowl snaps when Munford suffered injuries during the year.

Well, this experience could make Alabi the frontrunner to win the starting job over Munford. He will have to fight for the chance for a fresh start this spring. Highly skilled Redshirt freshman Nicholas Petit-Frere and his fifth year collegue Branden Bowen are also potential candidates to start the position.

Bow Bowen, OG / OT

Bowen has the most starting experience of any player on the list after starting six games for the right guard for the Buckeyes in 2017. Since then, he has not played in one game. After three operations he had to repair the broken leg, which ended his 2017 season prematurely.

Now that he finally feels well, Bowen's goal is to get back into the starting eleven for his senior season. To get on that track, he has to prove that he is back in his old form this spring.

Bowen, who spent both guard and tackling during his career, is approaching this spring as a potential candidate for a watch or legal assault. The position of the left guard seems to be where Bowen would best help the Buckeyes now, but how he and other offensive linemen perform this spring will probably ultimately decide which position he plays in 2019 and whether he is on the grid ,

Gavin Cupp, OG

Since the start against Wyatt Davis is wide open and no other candidates for the position outside Bowen are currently in the squad, Cupp is another offensive lineman who could have his best chances the season this spring.

Cupp played just 47 snapshots on Ohio's offensive line in his first three years as Buckeye, so he does not seem to be a future starter in Columbus, but the door is now open to him to file a lawsuit a place in the lineup.

The State of Ohio is still pursuing a diploma transfer that can come and compete for an instant launch on the inner offensive line, even if the Buckeyes eventually have a veteran like Rutgers & # 39; Jonah Jackson or Virginia's R.J. Proctor, this player will arrive on campus in the summer. This gives Cupp and the other interior officers of the Buckeyes indoor the chance to claim their claim to a start job this spring.

Jashon Cornell, DE / DT

Cornell has had a more significant playing time than most other players on this list. In the last two seasons of Ohio's defensive line rotation, he secured a place as a second defensive player in 2017 and the second string in the defensive in 2018. However, in his fifth season in the A season, he never started a game for the Buckeyes.

While a decent backlash for the Buckeyes, filling in the roles Larry Johnson needed for his rotation, Cornell undoubtedly had a bigger impact when he arrived in Ohio in 2015 as a Top 100 recruit. But now he only has one more year with the Buckeyes to make this possible.

Defensive start ends Chase Young and Jonathon Cooper have returned from last season. So it's unlikely that Cornell will get a start job at this point. However, it is possible that Cornell may now be back on the defensive after Dre # Mont Jones is no longer there – or at least press a larger portion of the snapshots at the defensive end, as Johnson was always ready at the respective position to turn strong as many players he has ready to play.

No matter where he fits into the equation, Cornell will need a strong spring to play a vital role in Ohio's defense line in 2019, as the Buckeyes have plenty of up-and-coming talents to play at. Significant playing time to earn, including Tyreke Smith, Tyler Friday and Zach Harrison at the defensive end and Haskell Garrett and Taron Vincent in defensive duel.

  Jashon Cornell "src =" https://www.elevenwarriors.com/sites/default/files/c/2019/02/44385148535_666307f32c_o.jpg "title =" Jashon Cornell "/> 

Jashon Cornell has already played in Ohio's defensive round of rotation, but he does not feel as though he is an impact player.
	  Antwuan Jackson, DT <br /></h5>
	  With only one year in the state of Ohio, Jackson may be early in the making of a make-or-break spring, but he's already collegial at the end Transmission. After a season in Auburn and a season at the junior college level (Blinn College), Jackson will be in the fourth year for the Buckeyes in 2019. This increases the pressure to play a role in the defense line now.
</p><div><script async src=

Jackson actually arrived in Ohio with the expectation that he had an immediate impact last year, but he was only played in four games and played only 24 snaps. Jackson was on the depth map as a four-part defensive tackle alongside Jerron Cage (who also has to give a boost this spring to earn the 2019 season, but still has three remaining seasons left). Jackson did not matter Buckeyes' defensive line rotation.

Garrett and Vincent are the two best candidates to play in a 3-technique defensive play, while Robert Landers, Davon Hamilton and Tommy Togiai are all at the bow again, so he still has a steep climb to the depth map. But with the clock over his college football career, Jackson has to make progress this spring, pushing at least until the end of the defensive tackle rotation to bring his career to a strong end.

Justin Hilliard, LB

Like Hausmann on the tight end, Hilliard may already have missed his best opportunity to earn a respectable linebacker season. He fought for a grid position on the grid last spring and scored a real shot to win the middle linebacker job after Tuf Borland suffered an Achilles injury in the spring. With the exception of a back-off in place of the injured Malik Harrison against Minnesota, Hilliard saw only occasional defenses for Ohio last season.

He could get another shot at the starting eleven this spring as new linebacker coach Al Washington takes over the unit – meaning he should be open to the competition with all three starters last season ( Harrison, Borland and Pete Werner) are coming back.

In a linebacker space with a host of potential starters – including Baron Browning, Teradja Mitchell and Dallas Gant – Hilliard will have to fight to secure a place in the two-deep position. While all of these players could also have future chances to earn starting positions after this season, Hilliard, who arrived as a five-star recruit in Ohio, but was plagued by injuries that him for most of his first two years than Coaches have failed Buckeye – must show up in the spring to prove he's a fifth grader in the field.

Amir Riep, S / CB

There are numerous junior defenders who could rank last on the list, including the Isaiah Pryor and Jahsen Wint securities and the cornerstone Marcus Williamson. Neither of them seem to have a great chance of earning starting places this Spring – with Jordan Fuller and Brendon White in safety and Damon Arnette, Jeffrey Okudah and Shaun Wade back in the cornerback – but all would certainly like to earn time for defense, as they move into the back half of their Ohio State career.

Pryor and Wint both had the opportunity to launch the Buckeyes last season (and had a hard time), while Williamson's best shooter to play a big role is likely to come in 2020, taking Arnette into his senior season and Okudah stands as a candidate to leave prematurely for the NFL draft for 2020. However, Riep is a bit of a mystery in his junior season after playing only 59 defensive snaps in his first two years in the state of Ohio.

After Riep started his career as a cornering rider in 2017, he moved to safety in 2018. It is unclear where he will possibly serve as Jeff Hafley and Matt Barnes as the new secondary coach of the Buckeyes in 2019. Regardless of your position If you decide to line him up, his performance this spring could have a major impact on whether he'll be able to earn regular playing time in the secondary before finishing his Ohio State career is.

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