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Sprint's 5G network speed can be seen before the launch of the LG V50

Following a rough start Verizon showed the rapid speeds coming from 5G. Now it's Sprint's turn. To demonstrate its 5G readiness, the country's fourth largest network operator has switched its network to areas of Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Kansas City. In the coming weeks, Sprint is expected to serve in areas of Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix and Washington, DC. The company claims that it is the country's largest 5G network with a range of around 2,180 square miles.

] Prior to launching the LG V50 on Friday, Sprint is having the media try the phone and its 5G coverage today in Dallas.

After years of hype, 5G finally becomes reality. Phone manufacturers are launching 5G smartphones this year and next, and mobile operators are striving to deliver the shiny new networks as quickly as possible.

Sprint is the latest company to connect its car excitingly over 5G. In perfect conditions, we can quickly download 4K movies with 5G movies or stream AR / VR games without delay. Beyond telephones, it could revolutionize whole industries, from self-driving cars to remote-controlled medical interventions. However, 5G is still in the works and still years away from achieving that level of speed, range or reliability. But Sprint wants to be there (and benefit) when it happens.

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The event on Thursday in Dallas is similar to the two Verizon events in April and in May when they switched their 5G network to Chicago and Minneapolis in varying degrees Dimensions introduced success.

While Sprint is now running on 5G, it is unclear what the roadmap looks like when T-Mobile approved its $ 26.5 billion merger last week's FCC , successfully completes. T-Mobile alone plans to introduce in 30 US cities in the second half of 2019 5G services. The Department of Justice claims that the two companies set up another mobile service provider to maintain the status quo of four players.

Sprint's 5G is based on a 2.5 GHz midrange radio that offers a good mix of speed and range. I'll be testing the network with LG's first 5G phone: the Premium Mobile LG V50 ThinQ with the Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem (same for the Galaxy S10E 5G ) , I make my way through various locations in Dallas and test the data speeds on Sprint. So stay tuned if I update this piece all day long. (For a deeper look at 5G terms, read CNET's 5G FAQ .)

Test: Downloading Apps and Playing Games

We used Speedtest to get 5G speeds up the LG V50 compare to 4G LTE on the LG G8. The average download speed was 109 megabits per second in six trials, compared to 3.74 megabits per second for the G8 download. This is impressive, but not nearly as fast as what we saw earlier this month in Verizon's 5G Network . which exceeded one gigabyte per second. Verizon's millimeter wave-based network, however, is not faster, but has a shorter range because Sprint's mid-range range allows more people to network simultaneously.

We too how long would it take PUBG Mobile to download a 1.86GB file to download? Downloading and installing the game took just three minutes and 31 seconds for the V50, while the G8 on 4G LTE had only 73MB (3% of the file) of the game installed in the same period.

Finally, we downloaded the first episode of Blue Planet 2 on Netflix. It took 49 seconds for the 50-minute episode to fully download to v50. The G8 on 4G LTE was not even a quarter of the way to download the episode in the same period.

Test: 5G on the Bus

As we drove on a bus through Dallas, we investigated Sprint's 5G speed and consistency. We observed the data rates of a V50 on screens near our seats. On the left side of the screen, the download rate was displayed, which was above 700 Mbps. From time to time the speed drops to 4 G when the device starts a new cycle during the test. However, Sprint claims that users do not notice noticeable differences on a handoff. On the right is our route in green at 5G. If we switch to LTE, the route should turn black, but so far we have not seen a switch, which is good, because it means the network is reliable.

The speeds are not quite as fast as the speeds, the CNET editor Jessica Dolcourt with 1 gigabit Plus saw Verizon in Chicago, but it is still respectable. Note that Verizon uses the so-called millimeter-wave spectrum or high-frequency radio waves, which provide incredible speeds but have a limited range.

Editor's note: This is an evolving story. Check for updates as we perform data tests throughout the day.

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Update, 08:57, PT: To clarify that the 5G networks are turned on. 9:33 PM PT: Adds early speed test results. 11:33 pm PT: Added test tweet to compare 5G with 4G LTE. 15:27 PT: Added test section "Unterwegs".

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