A vigil in honor of the killed rapper became violent on Monday, killing one person and injuring many.
Harrison Hill, USA TODAY

LOS ANGELES – A memorial designed to honor the life and heritage of the killed rapper and community activist Nipsey Hussle turned violent on Monday night.

Hundreds of fans gathered a day after Hussle was gunned down in the same location, in front of the Grammy-nominated clothing store The Marathon Clothing in South Los Angeles. But as night fell, the violence broke out and people were trampled on the run.

One person was stabbed and another six people suffered injuries for unknown reasons, said the US Information Officer from the Los Angeles Police Department, Tony Im, USA USA. The number of injured could increase as reports come in, he added.

A US reporter TODAY saw a male victim lying on the floor with a woman who appeared to have been stabbed. In 1965, injured people with at least two seriously wounded, said the spokeswoman for the US Fire Brigade, Margaret Stewart, to the US TODAY. At least one injury was caused by a car that hit a pedestrian.

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The LAFD announced that a shooting call had been reported at 8:14 am (PST), although the police later said it had no clues give up shots.

Stewart says there were no signs of gunshot wounds, and the majority of injuries were minor and related to the amount that trampled people. 19659011 Previously, ABC7 reporter Veronica Miracle reported that "A HUGE stampede of people stormed out of the memorial area, people thought they heard something or heard a loud noise and ran off."

The police quickly tried to " Restore order "and asked that people gather to leave the area.

But starting at 9:30 am PST, the tension on the ground between the remaining and the police, who were pushing the people out of the area, remained high. Some gathered with rage and frustration bottles at the police.

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"Our men and women are on the ground and strive to protect everyone present at the Nipsey-Hussle vigil," the Los Angeles Police Department. tweeted Monday night. "Reports of gunfire shots do not seem accurate, we've been hurting in chaos and trying to restore order."

Following Tweet added: : "We understand that The community mourns and we feel your loss, we all ask to follow the officers' instructions and leave the immediate area. "

LAPD Information Bureau Josh Rubenstein estimated that 300 to 400 people gathered in front of Hussle's shop, to mourn the rapper earlier in the evening.

People gather around rapper Nipsey Hussle, 33, around April 1, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo: David McNew, Getty Images)

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Hussle, the 33-year-old The old rapper, whose real name was Ermias Asghedom, was shot dead at 15:20 in front of his clothing store several times PDT Sunday and dead at the hospital.

The rapper's autopsy was completed on Monday and his death was considered a murder. The police identified the suspect on Monday night as 29-year-old Eric Holder from Los Angeles.


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