Stacey Dash, known for her role in the 1995 movie "Clueless", has withdrawn from the race for Congress in California

Well, there's your political life. Just over a month after handing over paperwork to form a campaign committee, actress Stacey Dash announced that she no longer ran for Congress

The Conservative known for her role as Dionneau Clueless blamed the political process for her Decision to end her run in the California 44th congressional district. The seat is currently held by the Democratic New Democrat MEP Nanette Barragan.

"At this point I believe that the general bitterness around our political process, participation in the rigors of the election campaign and holding selected posts would harm the well-being of my family," she said in a statement on Twitter . "I would never want to reveal the personal and spiritual principles that I most believe in: that my God and my family come first."

She said she would still talk about the issues her district is facing, such as the crime rate, infrastructure, and early school leaving

Dash, the one The 2016 Conservation Book has worked as a political commentator in recent years.

"My political positions have often been described as controversial, but the real controversy is how decades of government corruption and political disempowerment have created a system that skyrocketed house prices, dirty needles on the streets, and long bus rides to other districts for jobs are somehow considered acceptable by the government representatives of the 44th district, "she said.

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