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Stage barricade breaks down at Bumbershoot and injures several people


1; Bumbershoot hit a hook on Saturday night after initial reports said a stage shield had fallen on several people.

Seattle Fire Department officials Minutes later, it was tweeted that it was a stage barrier that was collapsing.

A witness told KIRO 7 that there were some tense and frightening moments and some chaos in Bumbershoot.

It happened on the Fisher stage. This area has been closed off.

A witness said that people had penetrated when the actor entered the stage. And when people stormed forward, it was like a domino effect that one person fell in front of the other. People were crushed when something could have fallen off the stage when people fell onto the stage.

The witness said a person seemed to have a broken leg, and he saw blood.

He also said that most people seemed to be alright, but there were some who were screaming on the floor. There were some chaotic and tense moments.

The witness said it was unbelievable to believe that the people surrounding the chaos did not know what was happening inside, and fortunately, most of them seemed to be alright.

Four people were brought to Harborview Medical The center is in stable condition and 25 were evaluated.

According to the Seattle Fire Department, there were no critical patients.

Seattle police arrived when the incident was investigated.

The organizers of Bumbershoot sent this statement after the Saturday night incident:

"Saturday night's Bumbershoot Festival saw the steel barricade fail, leading to several life-threatening injuries The on-site medical teams and further treatment were continued as needed in a local hospital, and we will monitor the situation and will update it as soon as we receive more information. "

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