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Stained skin cream leaves woman in semi-comatose state, calling for health alert

SACRAMENTO, California. Northern California health officials issued a warning on Tuesday after a foul skin cream imported from Mexico left a Sacramento woman in a semi-comatose state According to a press release posted on the Sacramento County website, the woman is contaminated with methylmercury, a dangerous, serious substance Disease and is "extremely dangerous for adults and children".

Free yourself from stains and wrinkles – through an informal network that imports the product from Mexico, the press release states.

Health officials pointed out that the mercury was added by another party after purchase, not by the manufacturer. A woman's illness is the first reported case of mercury poisoning in the US associated with skin cream.

"Sacramento County Public Health is urging the community to stop using similar skin creams that were imported from Mexico due to the risk of contamination with methylmercury," said Dr. in the field of methylmercury.

In the meantime, anyone using a Mexican skin cream is advised to discontinue use immediately. Instead, consumers should put the product in a closed Ziploc bag, submit it to their doctor and, according to the county, undergo a blood and urine examination.

Symptoms of methylmercury poisoning include headache, fatigue, weight loss and numbness or tingling in the hands, feet or around the lips.

Over the last nine years, there have been over 60 poisoning cases in the state of unlicensed, homemade or foreign brand name skin creams containing calomel or mercuric chloride, a less toxic form. For more information, visit the Sacramento Department of Health website ,



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