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Standoff as Miguna Miguna in Kenya: Kenya

Attorney Miguna Miguna spent more than four hours at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), with immigration officials reportedly refusing to evict him.

At 7 pm, Mr. Miguna had not left the airport, although his Emirates flight EK1

9 landed at 14:30 in JKIA.


Analysis: What does Miguna's return in a "reconciled" Kenya mean?

Normal airport clearance takes about 30 minutes.

Immigration officials reportedly demanded Miguna's Canadian passport, which he did not want to surrender.

Routine procedures for travelers require that a foreign national obtain a visa in one country.

The country then has the freedom to grant or deny access to the traveler.

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Interior Ministry spokesman Mwenda Njoka said that the Miguna government had not refused entry, but had asked him to present the passport he had used for the trip.

"The government did not refuse entry to Miguna Miguna, and upon his arrival at JKIA, he was asked to present the passport he traveled to and refused," Mr. Njoka said in a tweet.

Legal requirement

"According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) law and regulations, travelers must present the documents they used at the time of entry," he said.


Miguna Miguna is back

Miguna was not satisfied with the request, which led to a stalemate between his lawyers and immigration officials.

"Miguna has a Canadian passport and in order to receive him, he has to get a courtesy visa, we tried that, but he refused, saying that he is a Kenyan and can not get a visa," said Gordon Kihalangwa , the Secretary General of the Immigration Department.

"He does not have a Kenyan passport and I do not know what he wants us to do, we wait and watch his lawyers talk," he said.

Kenya's National Human Rights Commission (KNHCR) chairman Kagwiria Mbogori said the organization was watching the looming events.

"We do not know what's going to happen next, whether he's arrested or deported, we do not know," Ms. Mbogori said.

Miguna's attorney Cliff Ombeta confirmed that he had been instructed to surrender his Canadian passport and that he was not allowed to enter until his consent.

Lawyers John Khaminwa, Nelson Havi, and James Orengo were also at the airport.


Miguna plans return on Monday

Other passengers on Miguna's flight were allowed to continue their voyages.

Since his deportation on February 6, Miguna's return is expected to be with his followers.

This was followed by his involvement in the controversial "swearing-in" of the leader of the National Super Alliance (NASA), Raila Odinga, as "People's President".

Miguna was indicted in a Kajiado court for his role in the oath and deported to Canada.

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