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"Star Trek" showrunner on Patrick Stewart's return: "I almost cried":

The Star Trek: Discovery Paleyfest panel was in the last few minutes when showrunner Alex Kurtzman offered a vague but tantalizing tidbit about the as yet unpublished Picard series, the Patrick Stewart back to outer space Starfleet will bring in its iconic Star Trek: The Next Generation role. Accompanied by eight cast members of Discovery and co-producer Heather Kadin, Kurtzman talked a lot about this flagship series, CBS All-Access (for example, viewers can expect more about Saru and his new fearlessness) do not assume that the first Trek -written gay relationship is as good as it looks), but a The excitement of the Dolby Theater dragged on through the audience as Kurtzman asked a final question: What can Tell the audience about the Picard show? David Buchan / Shutterstock

Kurtzman, now the active architect of the theater e Star Trek travel, responded with tempered words as he kept the secret of the show and the effort, its conspiracy, cast and exacting attitude for so long considered as possible. The show will feature Next Generation character, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, but apparently after quitting that high Starfleet position (which became Stewart's Next Generation compatriot Jonathan Frakes).

"I'll tell you," Kurtzman told a pin-drop venue. "I had a great experience yesterday. I sat at Patrick's kitchen table and heard him turn red in the first episode and I almost cried. It was something. He is in an amazing place in his life. He is so excited. It will be a completely different show than Discovery . I believe the Universe will only work properly if every show is really different and speaks to another part of Star Trek . [1

94559004] On Discovery, Kurtzman and his The team has placed a high emphasis on the film-level scale and on the urge to drive the story, but the new vehicle for Stewart can not cover so much space or with drive at the same warp speeds.

"This is going to be a very thoughtful psychological portrait in many ways," said Kurtzman. "We all know what Picard means to the world and why he, like so many legendary characters, has endured on Star Trek and what he represents. He has to go a way to find that again. Things have changed and in some ways changed for him, and yet he is so deep and fundamental still Picard. We are excited about what we will deliver. I know that Patrick is really excited. The cast comes together wonderfully. And I will not give you anything else. Prior to that, the panel focused on the good ship Discovery, which sent a large outdoor team with Sonequa Martin Green, Doug Jones, Ethan Peck and Anthony to the Paleyfest panel Rapp, Shazad Latif, Wilson Cruz, Mary Chieffo and Tig Notaro

The groundbreaking relationship between the two officers Hugh Cubler (Wilson Cruz) and Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp) seemed to be over in the first season (when Cubler was killed on all appearances) and resisted reunification in the second season (when Cubler returned but wanted to rethink the relationship). Rapp made a point during the podium to say that the relationship should not be described exclusively in the past.

Kurtzman also said that it would give more fan-favorite Saru (Doug Jones) and his impressive personal journey off the hook for fear that was the heritage of his species. "It's not a completed chapter, there will be more coming this season as well as next season," Kurtzman said about the reconnection of Saru's personality.

Ethan Peck (the grandson of Hollywood legend Gregory Peck) spoke about the search for Spock, who arrived at Discovery with a wild-beard, soulful look and fiery core is not blocked by logic for many years , Martin Green talked eloquently about the cast, the performance of the show, and the talents that brought the franchise together. There are monster talents in the room, a point where she pronounced the name of each discussion participant, followed by the phrase "… is a beast!". The audience ended with a discussion of the crowd and the panel Martin Green, which celebrated its 31st birthday on Friday.

In late February, CBS renewed All Access Star Trek: Discovery for Season 3. The renewal news was accompanied by an announcement that Michelle Paradise ( The Originals, Exes & Ohs ) would be having Join Kurtzman as co-showrunner for the third season of the science fiction series.

Few brands in pop culture can compete with the perseverance of the Star Trek which began its first film journey in 1966 and had 14 feature films and over 740 television episodes (except for the novels, comic books, Video games, toys, home video collections, etc.). Kurtzman and CBS TV Studios intend to expand the Star Trek TV universe with an animated Nickelodeon series of Emmy winners Kevin and Dan Hageman ( Trollhunters, Ninjago ), CBS TV Studios. and Kurtzman's secret hideout banner in the studio.

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