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Star Wars Episode 9: Release Date, Cast, Director and Theories

Rey, Finn, BB-8 and Poe Dameron have been on an epic journey since Star Wars: The Force Awakens . And in a year's time, their adventure will find a kind of inference when Star Wars Episode IX comes to the theaters.

The film has a lot to offer. Abrams will have to find a way to end the revived Star Wars film universe after made a mixed reception of The Last Jedi and Solos Cash Flop . It's also not true that his Force Awakens was critical ̵

1; some fans tapped that they had made the original Star Wars movie too predictable. Not to mention that he has to find a graceful way to enable Leia Organa's exit after the death of actress Carrie Fisher in 2016 .

But while production runs, there's a lot of time left until Star Wars returns to the cinemas. Here's everything we know about the movie so far.

Release Date: When can I watch Episode IX?

Star Wars Episode IX: (insert any subtitles here) will be coming to the world on December 20, 2019.

Who is the director?

JJ Abrams directs. Originally Colin Trevorrow was appointed director of the film, but he disbanded in September 2017 by Lucasfilm because of creative differences. Unlike the directorial change that occurred in Solo Ron Howard took over the project after the original directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were in production for six months. Abrams began work on the project in pre-production.

Cast: Who will be there?

We expect a good mix of the new faces featured in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi to return to the film of 2019. The official cast includes :

The official cast took place on July 27, just before filming, confirming that Mark Hamill and Billy Dee Williams are back. It also noted that Fisher's Leia will return to 2015 through the use of invisible footage from The Force Awakens. Originally, Episode IX was supposed to play an important role in Fisher. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy confirmed this at the Vanity Fair, but Fisher died in December 2016. The studio also confirmed that it would not be as digital as possible 2016's Rogue One .

"Finding a truly satisfying conclusion to the Skywalker saga without it escaping us, we never wanted to redesign or use a CG character, and with the support and blessings of her daughter Billie, we found a way Carries to honor his legacy and role as Leia in Episode IX through the use of invisible footage we shot together in Episode VII, "JJ Abrams said in the announcement of the casting in July.

Naomi Ackie, Richard E. Grant, Keri Russell, Dominic Monaghan, and Matt Smith join the Star Wars galaxy to be named.

The composer John Williams will also score the movie as he does with every numbered entry in the Star Wars saga.

And although Harrison Ford may not be able to return as Han Solo, there are no official announcements yet.


Invisible material from The Force Awakens is used to bring Carrie Fisher's Leia into the story of Episode 9.


Plot: So, what will happen?

We can only speculate so early on, so what we know about the whereabouts of some characters and how things could move forward.

Rey: After rejecting Kylo Ren's offer to perish both the First Order and the Resistance and instead conquer the galaxy, Rey will most recently join the Millennium Falcon with the [Jedi] Texts seen taken from Ach-To . It is likely that she will continue her own version of Jedi training with a combination of lyrics, personal practice, and perhaps some off-screen mentorship from Leia Organa. She also only has Poe Dameron, so it's time to see what her dynamic with the fly-boy might look like. Another thing: Will J.J. Abrams decides to refine the story of her lineage, or will he keep her as an orphan sold by her parents to drink money?

Finn: Finn may now be associated with Rose and reunited with his beast Rey, and Finn and Rey are expected to remain paired for episode IX . While defeating Captain Phasma in "The Last Jedi," there's still plenty of room to go back to Finn's Stormtrooper story if it's relevant to the new movie.

Kylo Ren: The new top leader of The First Order could look over his shoulder and make sure no one has evidence that he's the one who killed Snoke. With his connection to Rey interrupted at the end of The Last Jedi, Kylo could now fully accept his role as Sith Leader.

Leia: After her beautiful and surprising ability Flying with the force through space, she settled in a coma. Leia woke up to finish the movie, but her condition is otherwise unknown. Due to the death of the fisherman, we can either expect a leap in time, which unfortunately refers to the absence of her off-screen character, or another plot point that would separate her from the other Star Wars characters. There may be a book or other advanced material that closes the gap that Episode IX can not have without the actress. Editor's Note: The studio announced on July 27 that it will be using unpublished footage from Fisher from The Force Awakens in Episode 9.

What about the rumors?

There are many rumors on the Internet about Episode IX, including the possibility of some surprise appearances:

  • While The Last Jedi takes off immediately after The Force Awakens, a leap in time may occur before Episode IX. John Boyega told Yahoo that he's growing up for the new movie, and we have to "wait for the trailer to see why." An interview that Boyega gave to Empire Magazine seems to confirm a leap in time. The print version of the article states: "John Boyega has confirmed that the film is about a year after the events of the last Jedi." While it is not a direct quote, it is possible that Boyega did not confirm this detail, but it's perhaps the most specific statement we've heard regarding Episode 9 in the Star Wars timeline.
  • Yoda appeared during the film as Force Ghost The Last Jedi and the New York Daily News reveal an "Inside" Reveals Yoda returns for the film in 2019 . Since Yoda can also turn off a flash in ghost form, it is terribly strange that he is no longer entrusted with Leia's resistance.
  • Editor's Note: This has now been confirmed : The young Lando made his debut in this year's solo, but what about older Lando? According to Fantha Tracks, Billy Dee Williams could play his Star Wars character again in Episode IX. Although we can not review the sources of Fantha Tracks, it is overdue. Williams also canceled a September appearance at the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo, citing "Film Schedule Conflict." If nothing else, we would like to see Lando's reaction when he learns that old friend Han was killed by his son.
  • Many of the Black Squadron pilots who helped Poe attack the Starkiller base were missing in The Last Jedi. Marvel's ongoing Poe Dameron comic series revealed the mission Leia sent her just after the awakening of power. Greg Grunberg, who played Snap Wexley, recently told Yahoo that he finds it "hard to go there and do it" – an indication of the facial hair of his character and the location of Episode IX in England.
  • Could Obi-Wan Kenobi, as embodied by Ewan McGregor, in Episode IX? According to The Sun's sources, McGregor will secretly film scenes for the film by 2019. While there is no way to vouch for it, McGregor recorded a line that was super-short in The Force Awakens in 2015, interlocked with a similar-sounding phrase by original Kenobi actor Alec Guinness. The sentence was not much, McGregor remembered the result as "Rey, these are your first steps" during a 2016 appearance on the Graham Norton Show. So it would not be shocking to see a version of Kenobi in Episode IX, but the real question is – how much?

If there are any more rumors, we'll add them to this list. [19659004] And what about * this * Cameo in Solo: A Star Wars Story?

We do not yet know what to do with * this * character that occurs in solo. I would speculate that he will appear in some Star Wars movie, but probably not in Episode IX. We can tell you all about about the figure's appearance in Solo, though and all about the character's story (along with the question why Episode II is doubtful, what makes this cameo ). 19659004] What other Star Wars things can I look at?

There's a lot going on, as long as you're ready to expand beyond the movies.

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First is Star Wars Resistance an animated series that arrives this fall at the Disney Channel and is about to take power. The show is by creator Dave Filoni, who has just wrapped the Star Wars Rebels series and also directed Star Wars: The Clone Wars. While Resistance will be presenting new characters, Poe Dameron and Captain Phasma will also be seen, as voiced by Oscar Isaac and Gwendoline Christie.

The 2013 aborted Clone Wars are also being revived a new 12-episode season is coming to Disney's upcoming streaming service sometime after its launch in 2019.

A The live-action Star Wars television series Jon Favreau is also under work heading for the upcoming Disney streaming service. But details of this particular Star Wars series are not yet available.

And if you are only interested in Star Wars movies, you can also look forward to TWO trilogies. The last Jedi director Rian Johnson will create one, and the other will be from the players of Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. White .

This guide, first released on June 19, 2018, is updated regularly as we learn more about Star Wars Episode IX.

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