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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Road to E3


The Force is strong with this one.

By: Brian Altano

Bye-and-a-half, The EA press conference at E3, The Jedi: Falling until this year's Star Wars Celebration convention in Chicago, where developer Respawn Games blew the Star Wars Loving Crowd. Luke Skywalker's Macrobinoculars from A to the panel, Respawn's debuted a new cinematic trailer, discusses some big story, setting, and character details New hope. Star Wars hero Cal Kestis, a Jedi padawan trying his best to lay down the Empire's Order 66 what's been in (almost successfully) Wipe out all Jedi from the galaxy.

Cal will use lightsaber and hand to hand combat skills to survive and to take down waves of troopers, assassins, and evil Star Wars games, a game with no microtransactions and no multiplayer.

While the recent Star Wars Battlefront games have been solid and immensely popular, they've been multiplayer focused. Sure, 201

5's Battlefront had some single-player arcade modes and 2017's Battlefront 2 included a full-on story – I've not really been a single player for Star Wars fans since acquiring the Star Wars license years ago. Star Wars games have been canceled over the last few years. Star Wars: Force Unleashed game was released almost a decade ago. Suffice to say, a brand new story-driven Star Wars game that does not feel like a side-to-side multiplayer game is fantastic news.

Then there's the pedigree of the studio behind it. Apex Legends, a first-person Battle Royale game, has a great history of making great games. The studios' 2016 sleeper hit Titanfall 2 featured one of the best story campaigns ever featured in a first-person shooter, and it's also proof that they're capable of bringing together lush alien worlds, cool heroes, and giant mechanical weaponry, all of which are featured strongly in Star Wars lore. All this potential has been a great opportunity in the Star Wars game, and one fans have been asking for the past ten years.

So what do you want to see? Story details, character art, and cinematic trailers are all well and good, but video games are meant to be played, so EA's E3 showcase is the perfect place to debut our first look at Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay. EA's E3 live stream so we have no doubt that this is when we first get to see it being played.

Will you be able to upgrade your lights but what are you doing? Use your droid to scout hidden Jedi temples, read ancient texts, and learn new Force skills? What about controlling Titanfall-sized vehicles, just with a Star Wars twist? The idea of ​​riding at AT-ST, AT-DP, or even a Rancor into battle would be absolutely amazing. As for the world itself, we know it's not an open world game, but it's just like a recent Tomb Raider or God of War game. Or wants it to be narrow and tightly focused?

So what do you want to see at E3 for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order? Let us know in the comments.

Brian Altano is a host and producer at IGN. Follow him on Twitter .

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