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"Star Wars" takes a big risk by telling Carrie Fisher & # 39; episode IX & # 39; adds

Lucasfilm has published the surprising news that the late actor will appear in "Episode IX" as Leia.

Now It's Official: Star Wars fans will have one last chance to say goodbye to Carrie Fisher, with Lucasfilm announcing that the December 2016 deceased actress will be released next year Star Wars: Episode IX .

In a statement, director JJ Abrams attempted to dispel concerns over possible CGI resurrections by saying that the new film uses "unseen material that we recorded in Episode VII " and assures fans This would undoubtedly be comforting, but there also seems to be some specific clues to the role that Fisher –

; or more specifically, her character Leia Organa – will play in the film.

First: Purely practical purposes, Leia's presence in the film will be small. Unless otherwise, there can not be so much unnoticed footage from 2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens ; She was in this movie right now, and unless big scenes were shot, but not suggested by anyone involved in the production, there is limited material that can be expected, and certainly not everything will be available ,

Considering the context of the footage, this also limits the potential use for Episode IX . Leia appeared in The Force Awakens in some scenes and locations. Leia was on Takodana, rescuing Han, Chewbacca, Rey and Finn and then Resistance Base on D & # 39; qar, where she was involved in planning and later overseeing the attack on Starkiller Base. Apart from short interludes with Han and later Rey, she is very much in the hunted leader mode throughout the movie. Does that mean that this is the Leia we'll see in episode IX even after she lost her ex-husband and then her brother in the two previous films?

(It's possible that the Fisher footage will only be a small flashback, which is used to punctuate a contemporary moment, memories during their funeral, as some have already hinted on social media.) If so, then that's it above problem to a lesser extent.) [19659003] Abrams & # 39; Comments leave room for some post-production tricks that can be applied to the Fisher footage. Presumably, Fisher will interact with new footage of actors filmed specifically for Episode IX . Is digital tricks used to make sure Fisher shares a location with the other actors? If so, is that all changed? What about costume choice? What about the potential for posthumous dubbing or soundalikes used for dialogue where Leia is not in the camera or in close-up? Abrams said that the film would never use a CG character, but what about a performance that is enhanced or changed by CG?

Of course, such edits or changes must be made with subtlety and sensitivity. This is the key for the entire company to take pictures of Fisher posthumously. As much as the fans want to say goodbye to the actress and also Leia, they want to do so in a way that feels fitting and respectful to both. While Abrams and Lucasfilm – and Fisher's family, especially daughter Billie Lourd, named in Abrams' statement – both Leia and Fisher want to offer both closure and tribute with this step, they seek counter-reaction if that is not done to perfection , 19659003] That the material will come from The Awakening of Power feels particularly fitting; After all, that was a project that had already come to terms with expectations and threatened allegations from the fandom on the worst. It may also be a reminder that those involved in this movement love mythology – and love Fisher as a person – as do all others, if not more, and will approach her with great care.

Everyone will, inevitably, remain concerned until the final product appears on the screen, but perhaps we can only rest a bit in the meantime.

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