Starbucks will open its first US store this October in Washington.

You may prefer ice cubes in your coffee instead of seeing streams of boiling steam from your mug at this time of year, but Starbucks remains a hot topic, regardless of the season. Seattle-based chaining of the chain in the third quarter this week calls numerous nuggets, each of which observers would like to know about the coffee bar.

Here are the first five:

A chill in the air

Starbucks Sales of Frappuccinos, the signature and ever-evolving cold drinks, are declining, but that does not mean that the chain is icy Things passed.

Exactly the opposite.

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Demand of Consumers after cold drinks rose from 37% of sales five years ago to more than 50% of sales, said Chief Operating Officer Rosalind Brewer. Examples include Cold Brew and a growing range of fruit juice refreshers.

"We see a strong shift towards the cold and play directly in this room," she said.

Listen, y "Everything

Starbucks will place most of its new stores in Central America and the South, Brewer said. Compare these regions with Seattle's hometown and Manhattan's New York City, where Starbucks already has a large one

She said the necklace "looks very surgical" where new stores open our units and "really smart" about

Vroom, [vroom]

Eighty percent of the new cafes will be in the next few years According to Starbucks, they will have Drive-Thrus.

The format is more lucrative than the typical non-drive-thru store Drive-Thrus generates about 25% to 30% more revenue, said CFO Scott Maw.

CEO Kevin Johnson noted that consumers' desire for comfort is making drive-thru popular, along with mobile ordering and payment.

A changing "customer experience"

Starbucks loves this expression almost as much as Instag Ram-worthy drinks and the company plans to enhance the customer experience by changing the way restaurant staff spend their time.

This efficiency will be partly due to a reduction of 50%. The time spent on administrative tasks in the business, such as scheduling and inventory tracking, will be two to three hours a day, according to the chain.

How exactly will the changes improve the customer experience in the business?

"It means you have more time to engage with customers in the business – ask about your day, what your favorite drink is, maybe a tasting for in-store customers," a company spokesman said Friday in an E -Mail.

Exit Stage Left

Away from the Analysts Call On Thursdays, Howard Schultz, who headed the Seattle Company for decades, had become an international coffee giant

After holding CEO responsibilities in April Johnson had passed in 2017, Schultz became chairman of the board. He resigned from this role last month, saying he wanted to spend time with his family and write a book. The move has sparked rumors that he plans to run for the president.


Fast food rivals McDonalds and Starbucks are currently in the same team, at least when it comes to the cup, their coffee comes. Buzz60 Maria Mercedes Galuppo has more.

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