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Starlink: Battle for Atlas Xbox One Review – A Great Universe of Opportunities

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is an open-world shooter full of possibilities. The title can be played digitally or through the use of characters like Disney Infinity and Skylanders. The Toys-to-Life approach hampers its potential to a greater extent because sometimes it feels like the game has been reduced to target a younger audience. Instead of mature characters, Starlink offers bizarre teens who joke despite the fact that their lives are in danger. The title could be a franchise due to its expansive environment, which could compete with the largest science fiction series. In fact, Starlink is excellent, but it could have been one of the best games of 201

8 if Ubisoft had taken a few more risks.

Gameplay and Inspirations

Starlink takes many references to experiences such as Mass Effect: Andromeda and No Man's Heaven. Just like Mass Effect: Andromeda begins the latest adventure of Ubisoft with a crash landing and a missed captain. The ultimate goal is to recruit allies to defeat an oppressive force known as the Legion. While shooting can be repetitive, there are many activities that can take place on each planet. In certain zones there are multi-level opponents. So you have to return to these areas if you are strong enough. You can mine resources, harvest crops, explore ruins, research animals and participate in other activities to increase your character.

The gameplay is more like No Man's Sky.

The gameplay resembles No Man's Sky in some ways. However, unlike No Man's Sky, you can not leave your ship and must complete missions from your ship and fight ashore. The inability to jump out of your ship and explore your immediate surroundings feels like a missed opportunity. Even if you explore unexplored space, you feel trapped in Starlink. Instead of providing a rover or other land-based vehicle, Starlink transforms your spacecraft into a hovercraft. You even have to "jump" to avoid incoming fire. It feels staggering, almost as if developer Ubisoft Toronto had run out of time and decided to cut some features.

Visuals and performance

Starlink seems to be running on the Xbox One X with 4K resolution, but the frame rate is set to 30 FPS. It usually retains its frame rate, except when there are many enemies or explosions on the screen. Since the game does not seem too technically sophisticated given its appearance, a 60 FPS mode is a strange omission. Starlink offers great lighting, but the ground textures are muddy and detailless. Aside from the increase in resolution, Ubisoft Toronto does not seem to have put much effort into making full use of the Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro. The game looks a lot like the game on the Nintendo Switch. It's obvious that not much effort has gone into improving it for the more powerful consoles.

The game was developed for the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch version includes Star Fox, which has its own backstory. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions do not contain extra characters. So it may be as if the game was designed for the Nintendo Switch and the other versions were an afterthought. Why could not the Xbox One version receive a guest character from a Microsoft franchise? It seems like a dishonest omission, especially considering how much additional content is available on the Nintendo Switch at no extra cost. While marketing agreements are an integral part of the gaming industry, publishers should still rely on content parity.

Toys-to-Life Approach

Starlinks toys are of the highest quality. The plastics are smooth, and each piece fits perfectly in the slots provided. You must use a holster to attach the toy to your controller. Unfortunately, they are somewhat impractical when connected to an Xbox One controller, and some of the larger ships prevent you from easily using thumbsticks or buttons. They are also quite challenging to dismantle once a pilot is deployed in the cockpit.

They are quite difficult to disassemble once a pilot has been introduced.

The toys are great collectors items, but if you want to play the game without being slaughtered by powerful opponents, you should opt for the Digital Deluxe Edition. It comes with all spaceships, and you do not have to fumble when trying to change weapons, vehicles or pilots.

Incredible Adaptation

Adaptation plays a major role in Starlink. You can modify the way your ship looks and the capabilities of different weapons. For example, you can upgrade your weapons during interstellar combat.

The adaptation of ships plays an important role in Starlink.

Certain additional parts of the ship increase your ability to attack or defend. Apart from that, you can equip mods that can make you even stronger. Learning how all these mechanics work is an important step toward mastering the game and providing a rewarding game over time.

Flowing Gameplay

Starlink is a lot of fun to play, and even though it's locked to 30 FPS combat feels soft and appealing. With the upgrade systems, the gameplay can also be very complex, as you need to customize your equipment depending on the threat you want to tackle. Using a standard Gatling weapon on an adversary that is only prone to icy weapons will not do you much good. Before you enter certain combat scenarios, you must question your opponents. Equipping the right arsenal is critical to success.

The fight feels gentle and responsive.

Maneuvering your ship is also an absolute pleasure. Whether you hover over the surface of a planet or turn off pirates in the vacuum of space, the controls will never let you down. There is absolutely no learning curve and anyone can record it immediately. The controls seem to be designed for all ages

Starlink: Battle for Atlas Last Thoughts

Overall, Starlink is an impressive experience. It's a shame that history and limited exploration options hold back the title. The game may have rivaled some of the best space exploration games, but its need to appeal to a younger crowd undoubtedly takes away the package. More than anything else, Starlink needs a stronger cast and the ability to explore the immediate environment on foot and interact directly with the worlds of the game. Despite these issues, the game is a lot of fun, especially when shooting down enemies in thrilling space battles. I just wish his true potential had been realized.


  • Massive open world environments.
  • Close checks.
  • Detailed adaptation.
  • weapons sites.


  • Weak characters.
  • Can not leave craft.
  • Expensive toy.
  • Poor Xbox One X support

out of 5

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is currently available for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Prices start at $ 59.99.

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This review was made on an Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro using a copy provided by the publisher and purchased by the author.

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