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Start-up says it changes the eye care for the better. Others see it differently.

Other companies such as 1-800-Contacts also sell important contact points to consumers, place orders for copies of prescriptions, or retrieve the prescription information and confirm their accuracy with the consumer's ophthalmologist.

The Federal Trade Commission, which oversees the market, allows so-called "passive verification". With this method, sellers can try to check recipes by fax and voicemail, and if ophthalmologists do not respond within eight business hours, the orders can be fulfilled. The rule was created in the early 2000s when companies such as 1-800-Contacts pushed for the sale of branded lenses and came across ophthalmologists who did not want to work with them.

Hubble – and its founders and co-founders. The managing directors Ben Cogan and Jesse Horwitz usually saw a chance.

A sudden increase in Mr. Cogan's lens prices in 2015 led to Hubble's idea – monthly deliveries of daytime lenses costing around $ 1 per day. (Prices have since risen.) At the time, he worked for Harry & # 39; s, the subscription shaver brand, while Horwitz was on the investment team for Columbia University's Foundation Fund.

"It was one of three or four or five things I messed around with," Horwitz said at a conference in January, "and we said for all that all I can do is take off and that It's stupid to have investors by my side. That's why we did Hubble. "

In December of 2015, when Mr. Cogan was looking for a lens manufacturer, he turned to Dr. Sally Dillehay, who was then Chief Medical Officer of a small lens company, and in During a telephone conversation, Mr. Cogan proposed a plan to turn consumers into a private label by passively verifying their mandatory trademarks, Dr. Dillehay said, turning consumers into a new type of lens that the consumer has come to expect The doctor did not prescribe the patient, she said.

"I told them I did not want to be involved in such a company and described in detail why contact lenses are not generic drugs like socks or razors, like even small micrometer-level changes in the case of something like the edge design, the fit and safety profile of a contact lens completely disappears change, "said Dr. 19659008]
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