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State election observers say no criminal activity in Broward

Florida election officials observers based in Broward County have seen no evidence of criminal activity in the administration of the election on Tuesday, a DOE official said Saturday before the Miami Herald.

This information, which must be presented only hours before the constituency departments throughout the state, must provide unofficial final results. This contradicts fraud allegations in the Broward Electoral Office, which Gov. Rick Scott's lawyers were made and repeated by Republican protesters who arrived at US headquarters Broward Electoral Officers Friday.

"Our employees have not seen any signs of criminal activity at this time," said Sarah Revell, spokeswoman for the US Department of State Electoral Department, Herald Saturday morning.

Two DOE employees have been stationed in London Broward County, since at least November 6, to oversee election administration, visit polling stations and "ensure that all laws are followed." Florida's Secretary of State announced its plan for increased oversight in May after a court ordered the Broward Supervisor in London. Brenda Snipes violated the law by approving the premature extermination of ballots related to a contested race 201

6 Elections.

Revell said DOE employees have remained in Broward County since election day and will continue to oversee the process until the results are certified. The ministry has not provided any specific information or reports from the state election observers unless they dispute that they had information in support of Scott's allegation that Broward election officials could fabricate votes in favor of his narrowed leadership in his race against the Democrats oust Bill Nelson for a seat in the Senate.

The Scott campaign did not provide any evidence to substantiate its allegations of fraud in the districts of Broward and Palm Beach, and did not immediately respond to the request of the Herald for comment. According to the governor's spokesman, McKinley Lewis, Scott was not informed by any of the DOE observers from Broward County.

The Florida Law Enforcement Department announced Friday that it had received no reports of illegal activity in Broward, Scott had requested a formal investigation into electoral fraud. During a press conference Thursday evening in front of the governor's mansion Scott asked publicly to investigate. He claimed that the "Liberals" in the districts of Broward and Palm Beach had attempted to steal the elections, as the late-rising revenues detracted margins from US Senators, the Governor and the US Senate Commissioner for Agriculture.

Then he went to FOX and repeated his claims.

"We do not know with how many votes they will come. However, it appears that they will find as many votes as necessary to win this election, "he said.

The lack of official evidence did not prevent Scott's fraud.

" In Broward County bad things are happening, "said President Donald Trump to the White House press corps." Really bad things. "Trump also said that Snipes might have" stolen "his presidential election in 2016 without providing any evidence.

The Protesters gathered in front of Broward's Headquarters headquarters in Lauderhill on Friday for signs with allegations accusing Snipes of stealing the election and singing "Lock Her Up."

Although there was no evidence of illegal activity There are indications growing concern over the incompetence in the administration of the Broward Electoral Office, which provided only slow results, Snipes announced at the Freita g on, Broward had to process 2,100 more postal cards. Until midday, her office can present her unofficial results to the state.

On Friday, Snipes said more than a dozen rejected ballots were mistakenly mixed with over 200 valid ones, resulting in an incompatible situation in which good votes are cast or bad votes counted. "The ballots can not be identified," confirmed Snipes.

On Saturday she demanded that the total number of ballots be counted.

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"It is unfair to deprive 205 voters at the expense of a small number," Snipes said, adding that the number of invalid votes was too small to affect the races Levitation hung.

There have been other embarrassing mistakes that have affected the contested election leader in recent years.

Reporters Alex Harris and Martin Vassolo from Miami Herald contributed to the report.

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