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State investigates outbreak of food-borne diseases in the region

ALBANY – State and local health authorities are investigating the outbreak of cyclosporiasis in the capital region.

The gastrointestinal tract spread by contaminated food and water has been confirmed so far in 11 individuals.

The symptoms started in mid-June, and some of the patients said they dine at the Italian Community Center in Albany, in the Prime Life Restaurant of the Beltrone Senior Living Community Center in Colonie, and hold a private buffet while cyclosporiasis is present in some regions World is endemic, outbreaks in the US are often associated with imported fresh products that have been contaminated with a fecal parasite known as Cyclospora cayetanensis. According to state health authorities, there is no evidence that the parasite has been transmitted through poor food handling or preparation in local facilities that are involved in the investigation. Instead, contamination often occurs prior to arrival at food distribution centers and restaurants, and can not be easily eliminated by standard rinsing.

Additional dining facilities could be identified later in the investigation, they added.

Health Departments in Albany, Montgomery, Saratoga, and Schenectady Districts assist the state in its investigation.

About one to two weeks after ingestion, symptoms of cyclosporiasis occur. These include watery diarrhea, loss of appetite, weight loss, stomach cramps, bloating, nausea and tiredness.
If left untreated, symptoms may be lost for one month or more and reoccur once or several times.

Infection is generally not present According to state health authorities passed directly from human to human.

Regardless of the outbreak in the capital region, state health authorities are closely monitoring the growth of cyclosporiasis cases nationwide and nationally.

While cases are reported throughout the year In the US, reports are most frequent in the spring and summer months, with cases beginning around May and peaking in June and July, according to the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ,

Only 23 cases were reported in 10 states from May 1 to June 24 this year, reports the CDC. In the past year, 2,299 laboratory confirmed cases were reported in 33 states between May and August.

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