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Statie has slashed after the pursuit of carjacking

NEW SALEM – A state soldier was stabbed in the forehead by a juvenile suspect who had jumped out of the Camry he allegedly stole to attack the pursuing officer, police and eyewitness told the Herald.

"He went straight to the police car and started stabbing him, I saw a wound on the officer's forehead," said Hannah Hunting, 33, from New Salem, watching as everything went down in front of her house.

"I heard the officer moan … and the suspect got into his cruiser," the mother added yesterday. "Another policeman took over and they shot into the car."

Hunting said she grabbed her two boys, ages 8 and 5, and jumped into a car in their driveway to hide.

"We heard 'coming down' and" he has a knife, "she added." It was scary to watch. I'm worried about the police officer being stabbed.

She said other officials were able to tie the suspect after he left the cruiser.

The 47-year-old soldier was taken to UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester and is said to be recovering, officials said

The 1

8-year-old suspect is also reported to be recovering, the authorities said.

"This was just another example of how a day-to-day routine for one could be done on a particular day State Trooper or a police officer can be reversed 180 degrees and in a fraction of a second, anything but routine, "said David Procopio, spokesman for the police 19659002] The policeman, a married father and ten-year veteran of the force, was among those who were following the teenager, the police said, following the suspect on Route 2 to Route 202 and then to Orange Road near Fay Road in New Salem [19659002] Then the suspect rushed at Steven Gagne, the first assistant in the prosecutor's office of Northwestern Russia.

"He continued to attack the statesman who has recently been involved in the persecution," the prosecutor said, "He suffered several puncture wounds on the head, shoulder and neck as well as on his arm."

Gagne said that Case is open and the authorities should
"confirm that
could have been a warrant for the 18 – year – old" coming from Manchester, NH

Englisch: www.mjfriendship.de/en/index.php?op…=view&id=167. php? op … 39 & Itemid = 32 The teenager is said to have stolen the silver Toyota Camry from another driver, police said.

Hunting said everything happened so quickly and violently.

"People say that nothing happens to our little town," she added, "but there it was on our front yard."

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