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Steam's new hit game Frostpunk has already sold a lot of copies

Frostpunk is an eye-catching game, with a beautiful and haunting aesthetic and a novel premise. The post-apocalyptic city builder has therefore received critical acclaim and, as it turns out, quite large sales. In less than three full days, Frostpunk has already passed the milestone of 250,000 copies sold.

In an email, developers at 11-bit studios said that after only 66 hours, a quarter of a million people had bought the game. These are good numbers for the first week of most games, and they're fantastic for a mid-sized independent studio like 11-bit. The developer has already covered the development and marketing costs of the game due to this early success.

Also, the studio confirmed that the full expansion of Frostpunk is now definitely taking place. These will come along with more frequent, free updates to the game. First of all, 1

1-bit focuses on improving the base game to eliminate certain issues. "We plan to improve some of the rough edges of the original game – they report heavy balance issues, minor bugs, and so on," he wrote on Steam. We also want to add more modes and scenarios to the game. "

Frostpunk received a 9/10 from GameSpot, with critic Daniel Starkey praising his looks and the tough choices he's making you force." Frostpunk is among the best overall efforts of the survival city developer. Its theming and consistency form a powerful narrative through the line that binds your actions to the struggle for humanity in uncertain times. Hope is a qualified good, but you can not always be strong enough (or clever enough) to protect that flame from the cold. "

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