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Steelers vs. Browns: Myles Garrett beats Mason Rudolph's helmet on Thursday night with a helmet on his head

CLEVELAND – Myles Garrett swung a helmet. The NFL will soon again compete against the Cleveland Browns star.

Garrett could face an unprecedented league suspension on Thursday night when he pulled off Pittsburgh's quarterback Mason Rudolph's helmet and slapped his head in the final seconds for Cleveland's 21-7 win.

Garrett's shocking actions on national television will be associated with a price. It is possible that the league will face the former # 1 overall, who has made great strides in adjusting his game following a few personal fouls earlier this season.

After the game, Garrett was contrite, but the damage was done already done.

"What I did was stupid, and I should not have allowed myself to slip like that," Garrett said quietly. "It has no character anymore."

It is no longer in his hands now, and it is possible that the league ended Garrett's season with the last six games.

In 2006, Albert Haynesworth of Tennessee's five games after being stomped on Dallas Cowboys Center Andre Gurode's head. Haynesworth's punishment is the longest on the pitch in the history of the league.

Garrett wrestled with Pittsburgh's QB on the floor after hauling Rudolph down in a matter of eight seconds after a short pass, with both players clinging to their heads. When they got up, Garrett tore off Rudolph's helmet, swung wildly, and hit the QB on the head in the second year.

Garrett was knocked down by Steelers watchman David DeCastro and beaten by Maurkice Pouncey, kicking Garrett in the head as players from both sides flocked to the field in a scene high on the list of skirmishes in fierce rivalry between Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

The Steelers were angry at Garrett's behavior.

"I do not know how he got to the point that it's okay to use a helmet as a weapon," said Steeler's defense device against Cameron Heyward. "I know we play a sport that is violent, but it should never have been done that way, this stupid stuff should not be allowed, it's inappropriate for someone to use a helmet as a weapon."

Garrett, Pouncey and Brown's defensive duel Larry Ogunjobi has been dismissed and everyone is disciplined against the league.

Brown coach Freddie Kitchens said Garrett had apologized to him and the defensive end said he plans to speak with his teammates.

"The next time I see her, I'll address her," he said. "I hurt my entire team with what I did and it could bite us, I do not know what the impact is, but I have to be better."

The Browns will visit the Steelers on November 14th.

Kitchens was disappointed with Garret for losing his temper and overshadowing a huge victory for the Browns, who won two consecutive games to save a season that gradually slipped.

"You have to be able to keep up with times like this, and we do not want to have anything to do with it," said Kitchens. "I'm ashamed, Myles is embarrassed, it's not good, he understands what he's done, he understands it's totally unacceptable, and we have to go through it." and her lack of discipline was a bad reflection of Kitchens in his first year as a coach.

Cleveland committed eight penalties for 121 yards against the Steelers, and Brown's defenders delivered two helmet-to-helmet punches, the Steelers shook Wide Receivers.

The second shot of this type was fired by Brown's security guard Damarious Randall, who bowed his head and sent a nasty blow to Steeler's rookie Diontae Johnson, who was concussioned and got blood from one ear.

There was an issue of kitchens With this idea, his team is reckless and said he was disappointed with his other players.

"We still have five seconds in one game, that can not happen," he said. "We still have five seconds in one game – the biggest game this team has won – beat Baltimore and Pittsburgh since 1999, and then we have to talk about it." There are 52 other people in the team who have played make that." We do not tolerate this. Myles understands what he did wrong.

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