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Stephanie McMahon explains WWE’s current security measures at trade fairs

WWE is taking security precautions while filming content during the coronavirus pandemic that Stephanie McMahon described in detail in a new interview.

Speak with variety, McMahon talked about it WWE continues its shows at the Performance Center, showing what they’re doing to stay careful.

“Talents are at a typical event, they are in the catering trade or wherever they are not part of the show,” explained Stephanie. “That is not allowed now. There are extensive tests and reviews when you first come to the facility, whether you are a talent, a crew member or someone else. Your temperature will be measured in collaboration with our doctors. If If you have a temperature of over 1

00.4 degrees, you will automatically be asked to leave. “

McMahon also said that anyone who was outside the country or was in contact with someone who was outside the country is also not allowed to enter the facility.

“We take all possible precautions. This is why you don’t see any talent or anyone else in the audience. We really adhere to all the guidelines we can to ensure the health and safety of our crew and our cast members,” added her.

Variety points out that measuring a person’s temperature is a good first line of defense for the virus, but not a foolproof method because you can be a carrier without showing symptoms.

As we reported earlier this year, WrestleMania will include off-site matches that were not filmed at the Performance Center like most other matches. These recordings are made only with important personnel to make this possible. When asked by Variety how many people this entails, the company would only say that they “comply / abide by the CDC guidelines and state / local mandates”.

Stephanie McMahon also noted that WWE asks Talent to stay in Orlando and not travel during extended admission periods. They also want to experiment with technologies that fans can use to experience WrestleMania virtually, but no further details have been given.

If you missed it, the county where the WWE Performance Center is located issued an order for your home stay late Thursday evening, which will remain in effect until April 9. However, WWE has already filmed the next shows in advance, including WrestleMania 36.

As stated by the editor-in-chief Ryan Satin on Twitter This morning, WWE has also filmed the raw after-mania matches scheduled to air on April 6, and it appears that the company plans to continue shooting on the PC once the order is lifted.

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