Spect Show presenter Stephen Colbert wants to get involved with these huge "Roseanne" ratings by claiming CNN lies.

Hoping to get these Trump-supporting Roseanne numbers, Stephen Colbert let the people know he and the president agree on something: "CNN lies."

"Hear me out," the Late Show host said after pointing his finger at a network that accused Trump of being "Fake News". "Last night we had my old friend Dana Carvey Show, and he made a fantastic impression of the new national security adviser John Bolton." So, what's Colbert's beef? When he showed a screenshot, he wrote that CNN wrote about the sketch titled "Look Who's Playing John Bolton SNL ". (If the network has posted such a story, the item no longer appears to be on the sales outlet's website.)

"Fake news, I'll take everything back!" Cried Colbert in response to the wrong headline. "I apologize Donald Trump is a great president! "

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"Come on, CNN, that's not SNL" he continued. "Unless you think SNL stands for Stephen's Nightly Laughs."

Colbert also provided some pointers to the point of sale to distinguish between the two programs.

"So one can say that the clip was not on Saturday Night Live: It was a Wednesday we record during the day and we are not live," he said. "You have three things wrong in three letters, but it's nice to just be recognized, so thanks, MSNBC."

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