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Stephen Colbert, James Comey About what it is "Working for a mob boss"

The former FBI director told the Late Show host he was "quite surprised" when President Trump fired him last year, but he was Mutti on further details of the Russian investigation.

Former FBI director James Comey appeared on Tuesday night on CBS ' The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on to promote his new autobiography A Higher Loyalty ,

Commenting on the dismissal of President Donald Trump last year, Comey told Colbert: "I was really quite surprised, because I thought I was conducting the investigation in Russia." Although our relationship is strained, there is no way that I can get fired … that's a crazy thing. "

Comey, who was fired by Trump during the FBI's investigation into Russia's involvement in the 201

6 presidential election, responded to a tweet from the president on Tuesday that he should be imprisoned by calling Trump's statements "not OK" and "not normal".

Notes a passage in Comey's book stating that he drank "Pinot Noir in a plastic cup." On board an airplane after being fired, Colbert produced two cups and poured himself a toast to himself and the former FBI director , "To the truth," offered Colbert.

When Colbert Comey asked if there were "things you know about the Russian investigation … that we have not yet learned," the former FBI director quickly responded with a simple "yes."

If For details, Comey was equally monosyllabic, negative this time. He went on to say, "I had to have my book checked by the FBI to make sure it had no classified or sensitive investigation information, so it's not in the book and I can not talk about it." Colbert then insisted Comey had "some more wine", apparently loosening his tongue.

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