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Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah and Seth Meyers draw racing card on trump – deadline

President Donald Trump's seemingly endless attacks on Rep. Elijah Cummings found their way into late night shows.

During the monologue on Monday evening presenter Stephen Colbert presented "Episode Three – Millions" of his segment "Is Donald Trump a racist?"

"Previously, Donald Trump was a racist?" "But some people are still not convinced, even after his Twitter attack on the House Oversight Committee chairman and the man watching his white colleagues explain to him Get Out Elijah Cummings "

Maryland Congressman and described the city of Baltimore – for the Cummings stands as a" disgusting, rat – and rodent ̵

1; ridden mess " Saturday on Twitter With CEO Michael Clemente – Report

Since then, the President of many Democrats, social media users and formerly classified as "racist" by Rev. Al Sharpton, who called Trump "bigot" "At a press conference in Baltimore.

As for Trump, he insists that he is not racist and Sundays on Twitter . "

But Colbert did not buy T" I'm not the racist, he's the racist! "Colbert said in his best Trump voice," After all, I would not have said anything racist at all if he [Cummings] had been white.

Seth Meyers was even duller.

"Another weekend, another racist outburst of our racist president," he said Monday at Late Night before moving into his "Closer Look" [Soheagainattackedacongressmanwiththeword"infested"justashedidfortwoweeksWhenhetoldFourDemocraticcongressionalwomenofcolortheyweretoreturntothecrime-strickenplacesofwhichtheywere

"Hey man, the only thing that's involved here is your brain," Meyers joked.

In the Daily Show Trevor Noah hosted Trump's description of Baltimore confused as a "rodent-ridden mess," Noah said before branding Trump racists.

"As Mul Three people have pointed out that this language is part of a pattern, President Trump always uses the word" infestation "when it comes to colored people," Noah said. "You do not have to be a genius to understand what Trump means."

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