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Stephen Colbert urges HR McMaster to attack Trump

Unlike other one-off members of Donald Trump’s inner circle who have published books in the past few weeks, former National Security Advisor is HR McMaster’s Battlefields:: The struggle to defend the free world is noticeably dirt-free about the president.

But that didn’t stop Stephen Colbert from getting it out of him when he showed up The late show Monday night.

The host’s first attempt came after McMaster spoke out against Chinese President Xi Jinping, saying, “If you are a dictator and have people around you who will tell you how great you are and what you want to hear, and I think ̵

6;They’ I tell him, “Hey, you’re upstairs, you’re fine.”

“It sounds like a terrible form of government when a man says he is the only one who has the answers and only surrounds himself with people who say exactly what he wants to hear,” replied Colbert with deep sarcasm. “Can you imagine having such a government, sir?”

“Well, we fought a revolution because we didn’t want to live under a monarchy,” McMaster said, deliberately or ignorantly ignoring the obvious Trump analogy. “And I think we should celebrate, Stephen, that we are not a monarchy.”

“We should,” replied Colbert, “but there are some people who think that because of their behavior in Washington, DC, that wouldn’t be a bad idea right now, would you agree, General?”

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