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Stephon Clark's fiancé says the family's hearts have been broken again without causing any murder

Clark was unarmed when the police, who responded to a vandalism appeal on March 18, shot him dead in his grandmother's backyard.

When Anne Marie Schubert announced her decision not to bring charges, Anne Marie Schubert painted a picture of Clark as a troubled young man who had problems with his fiancée Salena Manni.

But Manni said what happened in the days Before the shoot last year, it did not matter.

"It's nothing that happened before," Manni said at a press conference on Saturday after the announcement of the DA. "It's about the officers who killed him."

911 May Call for Domestic Violence

Two days before Clark was killed, the Sacramento police responded to a 91

1 appeal for possible domestic violence. According to Schubert, Manni told police that Clark had attacked her, and her injuries were photographed by officers.

On March 17, Schubert said information gathered by Clark's phone shows Manni was reacting negatively to text messages in which he tried to reconcile himself. Manni told Clark that she would testify about the robbery and that he would go to jail for the rest of his life, said Schubert. Clark, Manni and their two sons. Clark, Manni and their two sons. 19459018

. "It's clear they had a very turbulent relationship." Said Schubert. She added that Clark had been online looking for ways to kill himself with drugs, and send Manni a sms on suicide if they did not fix their family. The toxicological report showed that Clark had alcohol and several drugs in his system the night he was shot.

Manni said officers' actions were more important the night Clark was killed.

"What I believe was the DA announced today was not what happened on March 16, it was not about what happened on March 17. It was on March 18, when the officers murdered my fiancé "Manni told the reporters. "It's all about this."

Mother: His Problems "No Permission to Kill Him" ​​

Manni was in tears when she spoke to reporters. Her lawyer paused to allow her to finish her statement prematurely, but she assured him she wanted to continue.

She said that the announcement would continue "a shameful legacy of officers killing black men with no consequences" and broke their family's heart again. "

Her two sons have to move on without her father," she said.

"Please do not stop advocating laws and policies that could protect other families from this overwhelming pain and immense sense of loss," Manni said.

"There were many things that weighed heavily on his thoughts," Clark's mother, SeQuette Clark, told reporters at a single-family home in Sacramento. "That's no permission to kill him."

  Stevante Clark visits the memorial service for Stephon Clark at the Bayside Of South Sacramento Church.
  Black Lives Matter protesters gathered in front of Sacramento Town Hall last March.

A Presidential Candidate Weighs

Californian Senator Kamala Harris, a Democratic presidential candidate from 2020 and former Attorney General of California, weighed in the case.

"Stephon should still be alive today," Harris tweeted on Saturday. "Today's news is a tragic and all too painful reminder that our criminal justice system is deeply flawed and has no accountability, and our fight for justice continues."

Schubert, who opened her press conference with an apology to the Clark family, said she met his mother on Saturday morning.

"There is no question that Stephon Clark's death is a tragedy, not only for his family, but for this community too," she said.

A few dozen people gathered in the police station Saturday and told stories and poems via a microphone. Sometimes they sang: "No justice, no peace!"

The CNNs Steve Almasy and Ray Sanchez contributed to this report.

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