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Steve Martin appears as Roger Stone – Variety

Steve Martin appeared on Roger Stone's "Saturday Night Live" on Jan. 26, in a cold, open state, mocking the Trump administration's dealings with the government's stoppage and raid on Stone's house and subsequent arrest.

In a broadcast of "TuckerCarlsonTonight," Alex Moffatt opened the show as Fox News moderator

"Our top story tonight: President Trump's heroic end to the stalemate," said Moffatt Carlson. "It took 35 days, but he finally could not get a wall."

Cecily Strong appeared as Jeanine Pirro of Fox News and reached for MS-13.

"Tucker, we have to take a Marie Kondo to clean up this land," Pirro said of Strong. "If something does not make you happy, throw it out and you know what does not make me happy?" Guatemalan. Then, as Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, the "Man of the People," Kate McKinnon came to the fore, focusing Ross's true comments this week on dreaded government employees simply borrowing to stay afloat financially during the war Standstill.

"Well, that was stupid of me," McKinnon's Ross said. "I just said there were other ways to get paid, like liquidating some of their stock or selling one of their paintings. Even if they have sold a lesser Picasso, you will still receive one or two weeks of yacht maintenance. "

The cold-blooded "SNL" veteran Martin in Round's glasses was rounded off.

"What a fun few days," Martin said as Stone. "I love the ride. Go Nixon! "(The real stone was shown several times, flashing Richard Nixon's famous V-hand gesture.)

He seemed to be content with himself, and Carlson von Moffatt tried to bring him to the defense:" Mr. Stone, I believe 'You're really trying to say that you're a weak old man, right? «

" Oh yeah, right, "said Martin Stone. "The pity thing I want to go to. I'm just a poor, helpless old man. I'm 66. I'm almost as old as Sting. "

" And that's why it was so horrible how the police raided your home, "said Moffatt's Carlson.

" Exactly, the whole experience was so scary, "Martin's Stone replied. "And after that I could only do a radio interview. And a speech from the steps of the courthouse. And two appearances on TV. It is terrible!

Take a look at a section of the Cold Open on January 26:

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