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Steven M. Sipple: Ruud prefers execution for emotion; Frost's work is getting harder; and QB question | pillar

WEST LAFAYETTE, IND. – Things I Know and Things I Believe to Know:

When Purdue's offense against Nebraska triggered one game after another in the late stages of Saturday's game, I wrote something meaningful in my notebook, which I thought was right ,

The comments by Ben Stille and Barrett Ruud suggest that it was not particularly meaningful.

In any case, the doodles indicated that Nebraska's defenders hit a time clock at work and were basically waiting for the day to finish. I've been looking closely to see if some black-shirted teammates-a la Ray Lewis or Jason Peter-could visibly admonish and get involved. To show rough emotions. Silent, a Nebraska junior defensive lineman from Ashland, told reporters after the game that emotions are not so important in this situation. He said it was about "doing plays and doing your job." Purdue's 93rd offense was sharper in this regard in the last few minutes, and the Boilermaker prevailed at home with 31

: 27.

Silent comments made me think of something that Nebraska center-back coach Barrett Ruud told me last week in the wake of a declared Huskers '38-31 home defeat to Indiana, where the Hoosiers' offense ended the game's critical victory ,

I asked Ruud if Nebraska's defense is hungry enough. I have addressed the "hunger" angle to understand the major Blackjack fights in the last five games, a track that includes four defeats.

"said Ruud, Nebraska's best tackler from 2001 to 2004 as a linebacker." If your keys are good, if you have no doubt where you should be, and if you make the duel, you suddenly look like a hungry player ,

"You can froth at the mouth But if you smell at your key and are two steps ahead of you and miss a duel, then you are not hungry player."

Ruud emphasizes the clinical part of the defense game. I understand the importance of that. I also think there is something to be said when defenders have to be executed and foaming at the mouth.

I think Nebraska (4-5, 2-4 Big Ten) looks too often like a team beating only a time clock. Granted, there is not enough talent and depth on either side of the ball. There is no surefire choice for the All-Big Ten first-team squad of 2019. The has to change in the coming years.

Husker's head coach in the second year, Scott Frost, must pay particular attention to strengthening the trenches at both sides of the ball.

But something other than talent is missing. Chemistry is over. Adrian Martinez is not quite right. And further. The bottom line would have Nebraska have to close a victory against Purdue. The same applies to Colorado and Indiana. In addition, NU's performance in Minnesota was uninspiring, to say the least.

"Say what you want about emotions," Ruud said. "All this stuff is great, maybe for the first kickoff of the year or the first kick-off of the game, you'll hit the wedge, that's an emotion, but as soon as you make a duel in a game, I could do it." play during a Tuesday training. I think that's it.

I will continue to scribble and search for answers.

* Frost will of course continue to search for answers Good. In this regard, last week's scene from Nebraska's camp will be burned forever in my brain.

The Huskers practiced outdoors in icy conditions – the temperature was in the cold during teenage years. Later, as players and coaches entered the Hawks Championship Center, their discomfort was clearly felt. Cornerback Lamar Jackson stopped to gather. Second Coach Travis Fisher unleashed a primal scream, a product of pain and relief, to be inside.

Frost was walking fast and alone, his face glowing red from the cold.

Check out the University of Nebraska's Football Plan for 2019, with players watching you and a comparison of the Big 10 scores. Test your knowledge of Cornhuskers with the jersey number quiz!

It's a brutally tough sport. The fun – most of it anyway – lies in the successes. Conquer tough teams. Conquer elements. Overcome pain and tiredness. If a team does not win, then the fun goes down a lot. Sometimes fighting teams start to play the string, so to speak.

Frost has to take care that this mentality sets in.

His job is getting harder.

* An example of why Frost's job is so much harder: He has to convince the prospects that the program goes in the right direction despite increasing losses. He is now 8-13 in Nebraska.

* Willie Taggart was 9-12 in the state of Florida. If you are the A.D. Seminoles are, go hard for Bob Stoops. Very difficult. He won 10 Big 12 titles in Oklahoma. Think about it for a second.

* How about something positive to think about? Mario Verduzco, Nebraska quarterback coach, says he does not think his well-stocked QB depth chart will grab the attention of QB prospects.

"We have not experienced that yet," said the coach. "It was really good, number one, I think the attraction of playing for coach Frost is off the chains to use a modern set, and then there is the idea of ​​playing here in Nebraska, especially if they are get the opportunity to visit and see something. " It's like here. There is really nothing like it in the country. "

* The $ 65 million Purdue Football Performance Complex, however, leaves a great impression: The three-story, 112,000-square-foot building sits adjacent to the Ross Ade Stadium, and is sleek and modern, which is definitely the

Highlights are reflected on a giant screen around the clock within the complex, visible to the public Very cool.

Did I mention how difficult Frost's job becomes?

Nebraska vs Purdue, 11.02.2019

  Nebraska vs. Purdue, 11.02.2019

Nebraska's Wan Dale Robinson (1) is in the first half against Purdue in the Ross Ade Stadium of Purdue-Cornerback Cam Allen (18) to be tackled.

Nebraska defender Ben Stille (95) defeated Purdue against King Doerue (22) at Ross Ade Stadium in West Lafayette, Indiana.

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