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Stop sweating the Great White Shark. Here's the one you should really worry about

White sharks, although some of the deadliest marine animals, can not attack people ashore and do not race in the stream of teeth from the sky to feed their children. In fact, you are more likely to be killed by a fire ant.

But you should direct this unrest to a more dangerous creature of the deep: the bull shark.

If you just look at the numbers, both the tiger and the big white hai outdo the bull shark in attacks and fatal accidents involving big white sharks for a total of 314 attacks and 80 deadly fatalities worldwide.

  Bull sharks were bred in a lake on a golf course in Queensland, Australia.
Bull sharks are a particular threat to the fact that they are not averse to fresh or brackish water. So the next time you canoe on the river, look for dorsal fins.
An Australian golf course was even infested by them.

And while shallow waters are usually shark kryptonite, bull sharks prefer them. They like to approach these sandy beaches, just like you.

But even the breach of the safest part of the ocean is not the worst trend of this shark. The worst thing about this underwater predator is that it will take you out of sheer curiosity a bunch. That's right, these guys just bite for fun.

It is even known that bull sharks attack hippos, terrestrial animals weighing 1 ½ tons, with some males reaching almost double.

Although bull sharks are responsible for only 100 attacks around the world, it's only a bit of digging to realize that the fear factor of these aggressive predators is much, much higher.

Have fun swimming!

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