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Stop using public USB ports to charge your phone

and you need to use one of the few precious power outlets at the airport to charge your device.

This week, LA District Attorney issued a warning to remind you how you should do it Do not charge the device: a public USB port.

We already warned in May against using public USB ports.

The problem is that public USB ports may be hacked allowing them to install ta stealing malware on their phone while they charge. Called "juice robbery," t he could cause hack to give cheats access to your passwords, personal information, and more. It's not worth a few minutes for Candy Crush right?

If you are using one of the ports (not!), You do not agree to give the port access to data on your device. Depending on your device, a pop-up may appear asking if you trust the device. You do not do that.

A better option is to simply plug the phone or tablet into an AC outlet instead. I strongly recommend to take a small overvoltage protection with you before your holidays. The protector takes up very little space in the bag and can be a powerful means of negotiating with someone so you can share a power outlet.

Things like portable batteries can also be your friend and help deliver a little juice even if you are not in the world. I'm a big fan of this Mophie battery which can even charge your laptop when you need it. If your phone is your only problem, you can buy some much smaller and cheaper batteries that can do the job too.

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