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Stop what you do and look at this PC made from pasta

Everyone loves pasta. It's a cheap calorie source, it's easy to cook and there are many cute shapes like flies. It's so great that maybe it's a bit unfair to put a little in a drawer just because it's a meal. Thanks to a new, pasta-based PC build discovered by the motherboard (19459004), these times are finally over .

The build was kindly provided by YouTuber Laplanet Arts, who started the project after his wife jokingly made a PC out of pasta. That's exactly what he did. The machine is based on the hardware of an old Asus Transformer Convertible Tablet, which he has pulled out of the old chassis and installed in a new housing made entirely of lasagne and rigatoni.

Disappointing seems that first tomato sauce and melted cheese between the individual Lasagnastücken hot glue is painted red. Another bad news is that the tablet is old ̵

1; aside from the fact that it is literally included in Pasta on Hulu.

Nevertheless, Laplanet Arts can not be held responsible for the attempt. We hope he makes another attempt one day so we can use a cute Mamma Mia pun that we've collected.

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