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"Straight Pride" parade in Boston attracts anti-protesters

The parade started at noon on Copley Square and ended at the Town Hall Square on Boylston and Tremont Streets. Build the wall and the crime will fall. "A man in a fool's hat wore a sign saying" Great to be straight "as he danced down the street.

  A transgender Trump devotee marching in the middle of the Straight Pride parade Straight Pride Parade.

But a large number of anti-protesters appeared to mock and sing the demonstrators: "Old right, get off our streets, no justice, no peace." At the police they shouted, "Who are you serving ? Who are you protecting? "

" I am outraged by the idea that heterosexual people need a parade with pride, "said parade watcher Shoshanna Ehrlich, who came to the parade with her daughter," We are not an oppressed majority. This is full of hate and insult. "

The video showed police officers detaining at least one person, but the authorities did not release any official information about arrests by the afternoon.

  John Hugo (left) and Samson Racioppi are Leader of the group, which is the

The police of Boston prohibited parking along the parade and issued a notice that people do not have stroller, backpacks The video of the event showed officials searching at least one backpack.

The parade was organized by Super Happy Fun America, where it is said, "To work for the heterosexual community to build respect . "

" The Straight Pride Event will take place to achieve inclusiveness and dissemination "Awareness of the problems that the street has in the Great Boston and beyond, "it says on the group's website.

Milo Yiannopoulos, a right-wing political commentator and writer, was the Grand Marshal.

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