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Strange man lures unsuspecting Fallout 76 players into deadly labyrinth

Screenshot: Vault101manguy (Imgur)

Role playing has always been where Fallout 76 was the most promising, and nothing better illustrates this than being a stranger in a nightgown looking for victims in a fresh homemade maze will be returned.

As discovered by Gamesradar (19459022), a player named Korindabar in Fallout 76 built a labyrinth out of concrete and metal scrap. Other players are invited to try to solve it for prizes. Korindabar achieves this by roaming the map and greeting new, low-level players, who throw all kinds of greetings over them with an emote until they follow him. Then he leads her back to the labyrinth, opens the door and leads her inside.

What people do not know is that Korindabar's pet Deathclaw is in it.


The taming of wild animals is one of the many side activities open to senior players in Fallout 76 . A maximum of two bonus cards are required: Wasteland Whisperer (Wasteland Whisperer), which gives you the chance to appease enemies every time you shoot at them, and Animal Friend, which also applies to animals. Once you have achieved both points and have at least six charisma, you can make almost any monster in the game your pet. This includes the Deathclaw, one of the deadliest beasts of the player.

In a post on Reddit, Korindabar said he needed about three days of server hopping to successfully tame a Deathclaw and get him to defend his labyrinth at the campsite. Fortunately, pets follow the same PVP rules as players, and they can only inflict damage on other players if the other players do not shoot first.

Of course, not everyone, and even those who do, will know that. Forget about it when they find a Deathclaw fifteen yards away in a narrow corridor. I hope you left a trail of bread crumbs to find your way back!

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