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Stranger Things Season 3 Video Highlights Billy's summer job

Billy has a hot summer job in a new video of Stranger Things Season 3. Billy (Dacre Montgomery) and his younger stepsister Max (Sadie Sink) were both in Stranger Things [19459005vorgestellt] & # 39; second season, and became two of the best-preserved aspects of the season (not to mention the most memorable). Possibly as a direct result of this, the couple was promoted to full-time executive status for the third season of Stranger Thing which Netflix is ​​scheduled to arrive in July. And according to the summer setting, the siblings will look for ways to stay in the sun while not attending school.

In Billy's case, this means working as a lifeguard in the Hawkins Community Pool. The Stranger Things trailer and first-look images of the third season gave an insight into Billy's new job, in which he apparently struts mainly in his swimsuit, to give the audience pleasure. Including Cara Buono as Karen Wheeler (who you can remember that she had a memorable encounter with Billy in Season 2 …), as seen in a newly released, expanded clip from the season.

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Netflix has posted the video (entitled "Summer in Hawkins") on YouTube today before Stranger Things Season 3 in about one and a half Months was published. You can check it down in the room, along with a newly unveiled poster that puts Billy in the limelight.

  Stranger Things Season 3 Billy Poster

As you can see, Mrs. Wheeler is not the only Hawkins native. Not so secretly does Billy feel like a lifeguard. The latter, for his part, seems to be as aggressive as ever in this clip and shows his anger by shouting at a bad-behaving swimmer. This is a step (well, halfway) in the right direction, away from bullying attacking other people like he did in season 2. Speaking of Max: The Stranger Things third season trailer contained footage of her hanging out in the mall with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and spending time with her friends. She is undoubtedly living a happier life now than when she was in Season 2 at the show. No doubt it's part of not having to worry about Bill.

However harmless the fun is, rest assured: In Season 3 of Stranger Things it's dark. In fact, Hawkins Community Pool seems to play a role in the bigger mystery this season. The plot is said to have endangered Heather (Francesca Reale) – the lifeguard shown here who deals with Billy – presumably in the third episode of the season (entitled "The Case of the Missing Lifeguard"). Similarly, there is a short shot in the trailer that shows Billy in a shower room, apparently spreading an upside-down infection over his arm. Whatever is going on, Billy seems to have more to do than enjoyable pool mothers and kids running around on his summer job.

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Strange Things [19659003] Season 3 starts on July 4th with streaming through Netflix.

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