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Stunning 3D images show a blue "hairy structure" on the surface of Mars

Launched in 2016, the European Space Agency's (ESA) ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter has just returned some spectacular images of the Martian surface.

The orbiter can take pictures of the Martian surface in 3D quality. 19659003]

The above picture may look like a hairy structure, but it is actually a false-color image of the traces of hundreds or even thousands of Dust Devils – small Mars tornadoes – in the Mars region of Terra Sabaea.

The image below shows the Columbus crater in the southern hemisphere of Mars – NASA discovered that sulfate particles contain hydrated minerals.

 Salty sulphates node full image 2

Peekaboo, InSight

Another amazing shot: a picture NASA's InSight Lander pounded on the Martian surface earlier this month. It's the first time a European orbiter has taken a picture of InSight ̵

1; even though NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter discovered InSight from orbit in December.

InSights heat shield can also be seen as a small dots cover of protective umbrellas.

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Martian Dust Devils

A stereoscopic image shows more dust devil stripes in blue on the edge of a massive crater. Put on basic 3D glasses to see the full effect.

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The following images show the edge of Burroughs Crater About 120 miles northwest of Mars' northern polar cap. It is believed that some of the most northerly hills consist entirely of "almost pure water ice".

 Knot of South Polar Terrain Full Size 2 "width =" 948 "height =" 700

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