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Sundance 2019: Shia LaBeouf's Honey Boy changes the entire career of the actor

There is the Shia LaBeouf we know, the Shia LaBeouf we think we know, the Shia LaBeouf who knows Shia LaBeouf, the Shia LaBeouf who thinks she knows Shia LaBeouf, and the Shia LaBeouf who goes after every other Shia LaBeouf persona has collapsed into a dramatic supercollider. The latter is the centerpiece of Honey Boy a premiere of the Sundance Film Festival, which announces a career performance for LaBeouf.

Written by actor, Honey Boy LaBeouf's early days suit a prodigy comedian, his rapid rise as Transformer-driven A-Lister, and finally his fall-out as a boulevard-friendly attacker into a lyrical monody. These traces of life glide back and forth between past and present (in this fictionalized case of 1

995 and 2005), and are shadowed by LaBeouf himself through the verbal and physical abuse his addictive father sends upon him (19659003) For the first time LaBeouf's deputy Otis (played by another young prodigy, A Quiet Place Noah Jupe) meets, he's a 12-year-old goofball on the rise, with a steady sitcom gig rolling the movie of the week. Anyone who grew up at Even Stevens knows this Otis personality.

His father James – a Southern Fried variant of Tom Cruises born on July 4 – recognizes his son's potential; Once upon a time there was a professional clown, but Vietnam and the bottle destroyed those dreams. After surviving in a single-room cave in a run-down motel in California and redeeming his son's daily allowances for the necessary vices, he leads his son's life as a Vaudevillian bootcamp and lives as a proxy for success.

There are references to LaBeouf's other screen characters in James. He is a car, a smart man. His arsenal consists mainly of racist jokes and mime routines. He always plays – until he is not. In this case, the actor agrees to release the animal inside. James is a Jekyll and Hyde role for LaBeouf, and he changes the switch with terrifying ease. A scene in which James meets the mentor of Otis Boys and Girls Club, Tom (Clifton Collins, Jr.), begins as a friendly barbecue by the pool and ends with violent vulgarity. As with so many sad men bending in power, James's explosions often end in tears and perhaps the most enviable result, a smoke with his son. Honey Boy may have the most cigarette inhalation of a minor in … ever

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