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Sunday 7: Phillip Dorsett reacts to 23 Straight Catches

. 1 Phillip Dorsett is in the middle of the crisis. In the regular season, the wide-angle receiver has dropped the last 23 passes. According to NFL Media, it is currently the eighth highest series since 2009 (as far back as the data goes) and currently the longest active series in the NFL. In addition, it is the second longest series since 2009 by a broad recipient who lags behind Saint Michael Thomas (27 straight catches, 2018). It's an impressive series, but that does not mean much to Dorsett. "Actually, I'm not a stat guy," he said Friday in the locker room. "I'm a guy doing his job right now. I just go out and play. I love the game, so I go out and try everything I can. "With Antonio Brown out of the squad, Dorsett will probably have a lot more goals than he would have otherwise.

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2. Before Brown was published, there was some discussion about Dorsett's role as he was the # 4 receiver behind Brown, Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon. It was the second year in a row that his role was reduced due to an interim stint, but before Brown came out, it did not bother him. "I'm not a selfish person. I just do my job, "he said. "Whatever they want from me, I'll do it, I'm not a robot, I just love to play honestly." Dorsett was a free agent in the last low season, and despite several offers, eventually decided to join the Patriots "So that's why I decided to come back, I wanted to be here, I like winning," he said, "I like being in this locker room, these guys are like a family, the coaches, I love it's easy to play. "These responses show that Dorsett is truly an ideal member of the team due to his selfless attitude.

3 While we understood it in our play after Brown's release, it must be in the Patriots' locker room From the beginning, players had to answer questions about a man they did not even know, and it was likely that some players would be in unpleasant situations And it seems like it went beyond the locker room. ESPN's Adam Schefter told Ordway, Merloni & Fauria on Friday that some people in the organization were against signing from the start.

. 4 Many are wondering if Brown is being hired by another team in the league, and it seems the NFL is warning the teams about it. The statement released on Friday night states that the League is investigating several allegations against him, and since he is a freelance agent, he can not be placed on the Commissioner's list of exceptions. Based on the statement that seems very possible if he would sign with a team. Do not be surprised if Brown has not been signed by another team until the NFL finishes their investigation. According to BetOnline, his chances of playing in the league this year are plus 200 (2/1


. 5 It was interesting to hear Bill Belichick talking about Jamie Collins earlier this week. He said a lot about him, and it seems that the patriots learned how to use him as a team member during his first term in office and act differently this time around. "Jamie is a very special player," he said. "He is very smart and instinctive. He has a great nose for the ball in the passing game and running game. He has the physical abilities to play at the end of the line and off the line, flash, play cover, play against the barrel and play against the pass. So we can do different things with him and he was productive and effective in all of them. It's really exciting to have this type of player in your system and players to work with. "

. 6 Luke Falk, who starts quarterback on Sunday, is a big fan of Tom Brady. The quarterback has been paying attention to Brady since playing football for the first time. It's not just in the field. Falk firmly believes in the TB12 method. Here is our story from the NFL combine harvester 2018.

7. For the first time this year, this week is likely to be the first normal week at Gillette Stadium. Since Brown is out of the picture, there should not be so much media attention after Sunday's game, resulting in a relaxed week. Looking ahead, next Buffalo will face a match between two 3-0 teams this coming Sunday with the Bills hosting the Bengals this week. It could be an interesting early AFC Eastern Battle in which the Bills fans are certainly interested in the game.

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