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Super Blood Wolf lunar eclipse was super fantastic: Gothamist

Moon worshipers and those who cleaned their crystals all over the world were fascinated by the super blood lunar eclipse. Professional photographers shared images that illuminated the lunar surface in an orange glow, amateurs blurred images and tried to capture the magic ̵

1; all was glorious:

This is the only lunar eclipse in 2019, according to NASA. The agency also stated that the super descriptor is that the moon is "closest in its orbit during the full moon of the earth" and blood "because the total lunar eclipse the moon one reddish color. "The Wolf part is for the full moon of January.

Here is the description of NASA why it is a "blood moon":

When the moon moves completely into the umber, something interesting happens: The moon starts reddish-orange The reason for this phenomenon? Earth's atmosphere. As sunlight passes, the small molecules that compose our atmosphere scatter blue light, which causes the sky to turn blue. This usually leaves behind red light that bends or breaks in the shadows of the earth. We can see the red light during a solar eclipse as it falls to the moon in the shadow of the earth. The same effect gives sunrises and sunsets a reddish orange color.

Some moon gazers defy the elements: A pair of "veteran astrophotographers" outside of Boston told Space.com, "We're in the wind, and the observation outside [temperature] of only 6 degrees … We stand on a half Inches of ice. "The Amateur Astronomical Union of New York met as planned at the Lincoln Center and stretched out on the field to watch the event:

Others had just sat on a sidewalk to take a look while some stayed in the house and craned their necks to see if they could see the solar eclipse. Here are some videos of the solar eclipse from NYC, the Hudson Valley, and the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles:

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