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"Supergirl" fans respond to casting of the first transgender superhero

Supergirl wrote this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con story announcing that Nicole Maines is the first transgender superhero of television to be included in the cast of the CW series.

According to the official character description, Maine's & # 39; Character will be Nia Nal, a superhero named Dreamer. As the newest addition to the CatCo reporting team, Nal is a soulful young transgendered woman committed to protecting others. Her journey this season means fulfilling her fate as a hero dreamer, much like Kara appeared as a supergirl.

While it was reported a few months ago Supergirl embodied a transgender character Yesterday's announcement made these reports a reality and helped make the show even more devastated by Maines, who is herself trans-actress, cast in the role. Casting and character are important, especially for Maines, who told the audience on the SDCC panel that it's "fitting" that Trans-Kids finally have their own superhero.

"It just seems fitting that we have one trans-superhero for trans-kids to look up to," Maines said. "She's the superhero we need now."

In Comics, Nura Nal is a member of the Legion of Superheroes, known as Dreamer. An alien with precognitive abilities, the character was created by Edmond Hamilton and John Forte in 1

964, although the Dreamer identity debuted even in a 1996 story by Tom Peyer, Tom McGraw, and Lee Moder. It's not entirely clear how Dreamer will fit into the heroic world of Supergirl, though we know the role will be an important part of the CatCo newsroom, especially as Kara / Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) recaptures her own journalistic roots. 19659002] The announcement not only of Dreamer, but also of Maines in the role was thrilled with a burst of support and excitement on Twitter with fans to see what the new addition will be not only for the show but for the portrayal of LGBTQ youth in the media

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Supergirl returns in the autumn and broadcasts on Sunday evening at 8pm from ET / PT before episodes of Charmed Relaunch on The CW.

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